Oral Medicine Speciality

Oral Cancer Detection Medicine

Oral medicine is one of the vital specialties in the field of dentistry. It is such a specialty of dentistry which ensures excellent and essential connection with other specialties of dentistry as well as medical specialties. A dentist can understand the medical complications in the respective dental patient with the help of the oral medicine niche. So, it has taken a crucial place in the diagnosis sector in the health care field.


Once a patient visits a dental clinic or hospital, the first and foremost step which is carried out is the checkup of the oral cavity along with the obtaining a detailed medical history of the patient. In this way, the dentist can take the right step since the start regarding deciding the treatment plan for the respective patient. Oral medicine field of dentistry thoroughly helps to create a customized treatment plan for the patients thus providing them the required treatment based on their dental condition as well as an overall health condition. This niche of dentistry purely blends the fields of medicine and dentistry in the best possible ways for the benefit of the patients from the start for the long term. In this way, patients can easily know the series of treatment they need to undergo to successfully cure their dental problems.


Pharmacotherapeutics are dealt in the best way with the help of the niche of oral medicine. Your dentist will ensure that you consume only the required medications for your dental treatments based on your medical complications if there are any present ones in the particular individual. Clinical research associated with any details of the case of the patients is completed in the niche of oral medicine. Vital tissue staining, biopsy, as well as cytology is done for the patients who have various medical complications or any oral disorders present in the patient. The dentist can explain and discuss with the patient regarding the respective oral health condition and required treatment to be carried out for the welfare of the patient’s health. This will improve the communication in between the patient and the dentist in the long term. Cancer patients and medically compromised patients are managed with the help of the proper implementation of care and timely monitoring of the patients.


Thus, oral medicine niche of dentistry is capable of solving different areas of dental problems in patients with their health problems.

Saliva and Oral Health

Saliva and Oral Health

Saliva is a vital fluid in our body and plays a crucial role in several activities associated with the oral health of the individual. It is a fluid which is the lifeline of the mouth. Saliva ensures the maintenance of the health of the tissues present in the mouth. Along with this, it also provides proper digestion and infection control in the individual’s body.


Saliva mainly consists of the water majorly and the remaining part as amylase and proteins. It is released from the salivary glands present around the oral structures. This leads to the constant availability of the saliva in the mouth. The ducts present around such structures are responsible for carrying the saliva across the mouth. The secretion of the saliva from the salivary glands is increased mainly during the consumption of foodstuffs.


Our oral health is majorly monitored and modified with the presence of the saliva. There are various benefits of the saliva in the mouth which makes it quite essential in the mouth. It protects the teeth from the bacteria coming in contact with the teeth on a daily basis. Saliva covers the teeth, thereby keeping the bacteria away from affecting the teeth and causing damage in the form of dental caries. While eating foods consisting of carbohydrates, the components of these foods tend to stick to the surfaces of the teeth. Saliva prevents the sticking of the foods to the teeth thus ensuring prevention of the occurrence of decayed teeth.


When we eat foods, saliva helps in breaking down the foods thus aiding in the digestion of the foods in the body. In this way, it becomes easy for the food to get digested in the internal structures of the body without causing any difficulty. Here, amylase present in the saliva comes into play for helping in the breakdown and digestion of the foods. It also eases the swallowing of the food particles after it’s breakdown in the mouth. Once you start chewing the secretion of saliva increases in the mouth.


Saliva is widely used as a source for diagnosis for several diseases like oral cancer, hepatitis as well as bacterial infections. If an individual does not have sufficient saliva secretion, then it is recommended to utilize chewing gums for normal saliva secretion in the mouth. This also prevents the occurrence of the conditions like dry mouth. When there is regular secretion of saliva and proper presence of the saliva, then the oral cavity remains healthy.


Thus, saliva is a significant component in keeping the oral cavity healthy on a regular basis.

How Does Tobacco Affect Your Oral Health and Teeth?

Tobacco Affect on Oral Health and Teeth - Gum Treatment

Our teeth require routine care and maintenance to stay healthy and well functioning for an extended period. It includes monitoring our lifestyle as well as daily habits which have a significant impact on the overall oral health and teeth. There are various common habits which gradually take a toll on the health of the mouth and condition of the teeth of the individuals. This includes smoking and tobacco chewing.


Our teeth are affected in different ways due to the consumption or smoking of tobacco. This includes discoloration of teeth, bad breath as well as several gum diseases. So you can see that how regular use of the smoke can negatively affect your teeth and other oral structures. When tobacco is consumed, or smoking is done, it fades away the natural color of the teeth thus turning them into yellow initially and later dark brown depending on the amount of the tobacco consumed on a regular basis. Bad breath which is also known as halitosis is quite common these days due to the increased consumption of the tobacco, especially in men. When an individual smokes, the particles get deposited in the respiratory tract which eventually leads to bad breath. The individual comes to know regarding it when the condition starts worsening.


Gum diseases affect many individuals of different age groups. The teeth of the individual get deposited with tartar which thereby turns into plaque and calculus. It leads to weakening of the teeth support and leads to periodontal diseases. In severe cases, excessive swelling of the gums and visible calculus in the individual’s mouth. It also affects the blood flow to the gums which also aids in the cause of the periodontal diseases in the individual with the habit of smoking or tobacco chewing. It leads to the increased mobility of the teeth which eventually leads to the loss of the teeth. This happens quite often in the individuals in the young age who consume tobacco quite regularly. Oral cancer is commonly seen in the individuals who smoke on a regular basis or chew tobacco in their daily routine. If the initial symptoms are detected at the right time, then the condition can be dealt in the best way.


The habit of smoking and tobacco chewing need to be gradually removed to reverse the condition of the patient as much as possible in the upcoming time. It requires constant support and counseling. Regular scaling procedures and checkups will ensure aid in keeping the individual’s teeth and oral structures at an improving level.

T-Scan Technology For Dental Treatments

T-Scan (Occlusal bite system)

Every niche of dentistry is evolving in the recent times with the help of the advanced technology. In the current times, T-scan is one of the exciting and revolutionary technology. It is a modern technology which is associated with the computerized system. Occlusal bite system is the basis of the T-scan in the field of dentistry.


Bite force and location of contact of the teeth can be detected in the best ways with T-scan technology. It is highly useful for the diagnosis of the status of the bite of the patient in different axis. The dentist can readily recognize the condition of the teeth contacts of the patient in the best possible way. With the help of T-scan, dentists can now improve the quality of the dental treatments for their patients. This latest dental technology is now of the most explored dental technologies in today’s time. It is useful in determining the occlusal forces of the patient’s bite before the commencement of the dental treatment. Destructive forces can be identified easily with the help of T-scan, thereby preventing these forces from the damaging the teeth, pulp and surrounding structures.


The USB based handle present T-scan ensures that the bite forces can be seen on the computer screen. The sensor and software are associated with this handle of the device. These three components work together in combination to get the desired results. The USB based handle ensures that proper digital occlusal analysis is done for the patients to find the suitable dental treatment. In the recent times, there are various types of accessories of the sensors in different shapes and sizes to ensure patient comfort and particular case. T-scan types are modified according to the evolving technologies. Most of these accessories of the sensors can be sterilized with the help of autoclaves. Pressure points can be seen quickly as well as patients are adequately explained regarding the required dental treatment.


The dentist excellently showcases occlusal dynamics to the patient for improved communication regarding the treatment. It helps the patients to see the correct functioning of their teeth as well as appreciate the results associated with the procedure. T-scan substantially reduces the expenses of repeated mistakes from the dental treatments. This is one of the most of the advanced techniques to ensure confident approach for the patients.


Thus, T-scan has proved to be an excellent benefit for enhancing the dental treatment quality and results for the patients and dentists.

TMJ Disorders / Facial Pain: Symptoms, Causes and Cure

TMJ Facial Pain Cure

In today’s time, there is an increased amount of stress in the lives of most of the individuals. This leads to several health issues in the body. Facial pain is one of the most commonly occurring pains due to stress in the recent times. This type of pain is usually associated with the health problems like a migraine as well as temporomandibular joint disorders. In such cases, it is essential to treat the facial pain at the right time to avoid any complications in the later stages of life.

Neuromuscular dentistry is one of the latest niches of dentistry which has proved to be of great benefit for the patients with pain related to teeth as well as temporomandibular joints and the structures surrounding it. Patients can now get the right treatment from dentists without facing any procrastination issues. This niche of dentistry balances well between dental problems as well as pain related problems. Some of the common symptoms which can be cured with the help of the neuromuscular dentistry include jaw pain, neck pain, ringing sound in the ears for most of the time, clicking sounds as well as headaches. Patients can now discuss their problems related to migraines and TMJ pains with dentists and get treated successfully.

Temporomandibular disorder, as well as myofacial pain syndrome, are some of the common facial muscle pain disorders which occur quite commonly. Also, these are the problems related to the head and neck segment of the individual which are ignored by most of the individuals due to lack of awareness. Neuromuscular dentistry deals with different aspects of the dentistry. This includes the involvement and improvement of functionality as well as aesthetics of the patient’s teeth. Patients are made understood that these dental problems should be taken seriously without any delay. In this way, dentists can decide the right treatment with a focus on the treatment results before the commencement of the dental procedure.

With the improvement in the technology utilized these days, diagnosis in the neuromuscular dentistry has become quite more accessible and specific. Not only traditional radiographs but also the latest type of radiography is used from time to time. Computerized scanning of the patient’s occlusion as well as the surrounding structures makes the diagnosis and treatment more straightforward and transparent. Patients can receive the best solutions in the form of the result oriented treatments at our multispeciality dental clinic.

What is Snore Guard?

Snore Guard

Snoring is a standard health issue faced by individuals of different ages and different gender. It leads to imbalanced sleeping patterns and leads to disturbance in the health of the individual in the long term. Snore guard is one of the highly recommended and approved solutions for the problem of snoring.


The structure of the snore guard looks quite big, but the body is lightweight. This makes it easy for the individual to use it during sleep. In this way, snore guard is of great benefit to eventually bring down the habit of snoring. Snore guard is used by individuals with different snoring issues. It’s been over two decades that the snore guard is ruling in the niche of curing snoring problems. It has relieved several individuals from the effect of snoring. The entire structure of the snore guard is made in such a way that it is useful for the patients with other ailments like allergies and sinus problems. Every individual can get a custom fit with the help of the company. So, you need not worry anymore regarding whether the snore guard will fit in your mouth or not.


One of the best features of the snore guard is that any individuals can use it without facing any hassles. This is because no particular products are required to maintain and keep the snore guard clean. United States Food and Drug Administration has approved its usage, and therefore you can use it without any worry. If you are facing snoring issues for a long period and want to get rid of it, then Snore Guard is an excellent solution for a peaceful sleep.


The appearance of the Snore Guard is unique and different from other types of mandibular advancement procedures. This makes it more desirable and in demand among the individuals who face snoring issues. If your partner continually complains of your excessive snoring habit, then it’s time to opt for the Snore Guard to cure snoring habit eventually. It is easy to use with the help of the instruction manual present with the product. Just make sure that you follow all of the instructions of the usage to get the desired results regarding your snoring habit.


In case you are feeling hesitated to use Snore Guard, then just opt for a trial session. You can discuss with your dentist and know the procedure of the same. The trial of the Snore Guard will provide you the confidence and satisfaction to wear it till the snoring habit is wholly cured successfully. Thus, Snore Guard is one of the most useful snoring mouthpieces which results in the ultimate cure of the snoring habits of individuals of different ages.

Talk To Your Dentist

Talk To Your Dentist

In today’s time, every individual wants to get the best solutions instantly. This has lead to the requirement of increased communication and transparency between two individuals. These days, dental patients are gaining awareness regarding their current dental status and how dental treatment can improve their smiles. Live chat with the dental team is one of the latest features which quickly solves the queries of the patients and encourages them to go ahead with their dental treatments. Patients find it easy to talk on live chat for the first time with the dental team. So, at Dr. Kathuria Dentistry is now encouraging patients to have a live chat with our team regarding their dental problems. This helps such individuals to clear their doubts and cut off their hesitation to visit the dentist.


We focus on knowing your case in the best way and providing you the best treatment plan so that you get the best results with the dental treatments at our dental clinic. You just need to click on “Click here to get help” and fill in the details of the dental treatment requirements or your queries. One of our dental team members will assist you with the right path and ensure fixing of your appointment with our dental clinic.


Patients will find this type of online feature useful for themselves to get the timely dental treatment for your dental problems. In this way, you will not face any enquiry problems with the help of our dental team at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry.

Most of the individuals fear from visiting the dentist due to the feeling of discomfort and anxiety regarding what will happen after visiting the clinic. Time management is one of the difficult things which needs to be taken care concerning the patients. So, if you have any timing issues, we will help you to set an appointment according to your schedule comfort.

If you require dental expert opinion and facing some problem with your present dental problems at some dental clinic, then you can discuss your case with our dental team.


At Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry, our primary focus is to provide quality treatment at affordable rates to ensure that patients can get their dental treatments solved in the least possible period. Talk to the dentist right now for any dental help and consultation at All India Toll Free No.1800-11-7272.

What Are Dental Emergencies and How To Treat?

Dental Emergencies - Delhi

Dental problems can happen to anyone on this earth. You need not worry regarding any dental problems if you know what you need to do when a dental emergency strikes in. Dental emergencies do not come informed. So, make sure that you take the right steps at the right time. You need to make sure that you take the dental problems at the times of emergencies in a serious manner. It is essential to get the right treatment for the dental emergencies to prevent any long term damage to the teeth and other oral structures. Some of the most common dental emergencies include teeth fractures, knocking out of teeth from the socket, sudden swelling of gums, abscess in teeth and many others. Every single dental emergency needs to be handled uniquely at every age. So, you need to understand the simple ways you can handle dental emergencies before you reach your dentist for the required dental treatment.


If your tooth is knocked out, then you need to act quickly without thinking a lot. Call your dentist and book an urgent appointment. Take the tooth and place it in the socket. Remember that if you reach your dentist within one hour of the knocking out of the teeth, the splinting procedure can be done and tooth can be successfully restored back to the respective socket. But do not delay more than 2 hours or else it will be difficult for the teeth to adapt to the socket. If you feel that the tooth is coming out and you may swallow it, then you can carry the tooth in water or preferably milk.


If your teeth are broken, then make sure you do not let chewing forces worsen the situation. Call your dentist immediately and rush to the dentist. Avoid exposure of the respective tooth to extreme temperatures. So, safeguard your teeth and go to the dentist. If required take a painkiller other than aspirin. Once you reach the dentist’s clinic, an X-ray will let you know the actual condition of the teeth. Minor fractures can be cured in the minimum period and you can get free of the worries. In case of the moderate fractures, only the crown structures are affected, and they are healed with the help of the aesthetic crowns. In case of the severe fractures, the tooth is extracted and replaced with an dental implant and crowns.


Thus, it is crucial to understand dental emergencies and take quick actions as and when required.