Root Canal Treatment: Myths & Facts

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments are one of most dreaded dental treatments. Whenever an individual is asked to visit a dentist, or he has severe pain and discomfort in his teeth, then he gets nervous, and worries pop up in his mind. Root canal treatment is the procedure in which the patient’s root canal is cleaned, and pulp is removed from it. It cures the constant pain and discomfort which is caused due to the presence of infected pulp in the root canal treatment.

Myth 1: Root canal treatment is painful

  • Fact: Root canal treatment is not a painful treatment it is performed to relieve the pain present in the particular tooth of the patient. There can be an excessive pain in the tooth of the patient due to the presence of an abscess below the tooth. Nowadays, advanced and highly effective anesthetics are utilized, so that the patients do not feel pain during their root canal treatment.

Myth 2: Root canal procedure costs high

  • Fact: Root canal treatment cost is an affordable one. You need not worry much about the costs of the treatment as the root canal treatment cost will vary across the city. So, you can get root canal treatment done effectively according to your budget. You need to understand that root canal treatment cost is much cheaper than of the tooth extraction procedure and bridges and on top of it you save your natural teeth. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for root canal treatment to save your tooth.

Myth 3: It is better to get tooth extraction done than root canal treatment

  • Fact: Dentists usually recommend root canal treatment over tooth extraction due to its long-term results. In fact, after the removal of the damaged pulp in the particular tooth, the life of the tooth increases manifold. Therefore, instead of the extraction of the entire tooth and replacing it with a denture or dental implant. This helps you keep your natural teeth restored and functioning in aesthetics and chewing food.

Myth 4: Root canal treatment requires several visits to the dentist

  • Fact: Gone are the days when you had to visit your dentist several times to get your root canal treatment completed. Now, you can get your root canal treatment completed just within one appointment, all thanks to the modern dental technologies. So, you need not worry regarding the time you need to invest in your root canal treatment.

Myth 5: Root canal procedure is not effective in some cases

  • Fact: According to the latest findings, root canal treatment has 95% success rates. Root canal treatment’s success rates mainly depend on the expertise of the root canal specialist or endodontist in dealing with complicated root canal cases. To ensure that a root canal treatment is successful, proper cleaning and shaping of the root canals are vital along with sealing of the root canals.

Myth 6: Tooth sensitivity remains later

  • Fact: Tooth sensitivity is one common symptom in a tooth which requires root canal treatment. After the completion of the root canal procedure, tooth sensitivity vanishes, and this provides relief to the patient. So, you can understand that the root canal procedure is useful to the patients in permanently curing tooth sensitivity.

Myth 7: Infections after Root canal treatment are common

  • Fact: Re-Root Canal Treatment can occur after failure of root canal treatment due to reinfection, but they are not common. No dentist will guarantee that reinfection will occur in the tooth even after years of successful completion of the root canal procedure. In case, if infection occurs in and around root canal treatment, then you need to opt for the root canal treatment again.


So these are the most common myths of root canal treatment and the facts of the same. It is essential that every patient knows about the root canal treatment’s myths and facts for ease and comfort concerning the procedure.