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T-Scan Technology For Dental Treatments
T-Scan (Occlusal bite system)

T-Scan Technology For Dental Treatments

Every niche of dentistry is evolving in the recent times with the help of the advanced technology. In the current times, T-scan is one of the exciting and revolutionary technology. It is a modern technology which is associated with the computerized system. Occlusal bite system is the basis of the T-scan in the field of dentistry.


Bite force and location of contact of the teeth can be detected in the best ways with T-scan technology. It is highly useful for the diagnosis of the status of the bite of the patient in different axis. The dentist can readily recognize the condition of the teeth contacts of the patient in the best possible way. With the help of T-scan, dentists can now improve the quality of the dental treatments for their patients. This latest dental technology is now of the most explored dental technologies in today’s time. It is useful in determining the occlusal forces of the patient’s bite before the commencement of the dental treatment. Destructive forces can be identified easily with the help of T-scan, thereby preventing these forces from the damaging the teeth, pulp and surrounding structures.


The USB based handle present T-scan ensures that the bite forces can be seen on the computer screen. The sensor and software are associated with this handle of the device. These three components work together in combination to get the desired results. The USB based handle ensures that proper digital occlusal analysis is done for the patients to find the suitable dental treatment. In the recent times, there are various types of accessories of the sensors in different shapes and sizes to ensure patient comfort and particular case. T-scan types are modified according to the evolving technologies. Most of these accessories of the sensors can be sterilized with the help of autoclaves. Pressure points can be seen quickly as well as patients are adequately explained regarding the required dental treatment.


The dentist excellently showcases occlusal dynamics to the patient for improved communication regarding the treatment. It helps the patients to see the correct functioning of their teeth as well as appreciate the results associated with the procedure. T-scan substantially reduces the expenses of repeated mistakes from the dental treatments. This is one of the most of the advanced techniques to ensure confident approach for the patients.


Thus, T-scan has proved to be an excellent benefit for enhancing the dental treatment quality and results for the patients and dentists.

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