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12 Teeth Problems with Pictures. Number 10 is Common
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12 Teeth Problems with Pictures. Number 10 is Common

In the modern times, it is important to understand there are several teeth problems which have a high probability of occurrence in most of the individuals. Therefore, it is essential to know these teeth problems so that they can prevent as well as treated well on time.

Here are the 12 teeth problems which are seen in the dental patients in today’s time.

  1. Dental Caries or Cavities: Dental caries or cavities are the most commonly occurring teeth problems in the latest times. This is because most of the individuals do not take care of their teeth as they stick to their unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. Therefore, teeth problems need to be dealt at the right point of time so that it does not affect the tooth.Dental Caries or Cavities
  2. Bad Breath: This is something which most of the individuals are scared of. No one wants to have bad breath from their mouth. But bad breath is found in most of the dental patients these days. Poor oral hygiene leads to bad breath. It is important to understand the keeping teeth and tongue clean will help cure bad breath in the long term. Also, you can get regular scaling done from time to time.Bad Breath Treatment
  3. Teeth Grinding: Teeth grinding or bruxism is caused due to stress. These days teeth grinding has increased since stress levels have increased these days. It can occur during sleep as well as when the individual is awake and in stress.Teeth Grinding
  4. Tooth Sensitivity: When a cold or hot food or beverage comes in contact with the teeth, an individual feels sensitivity to the respective tooth. Incomplete filling, broken teeth are more susceptible to tooth sensitivity.Tooth Sensitivity
  5. Wisdom Teeth Eruption: If you are a young adult, then wisdom teeth eruption may have troubled you. Since these last teeth in the tooth sequence try to make space for itself while erupting, it leads to swelling as well as pain in the process. It can be treated with a timely diagnosis of the status of the eruption of the wisdom teeth.Wisdom Teeth Eruption
  6. Tooth Infection: This can be seen in different dental patients. It is also known as root disease. It occurs when the pulp of the teeth is affected. Root canal treatments do an excellent in preventing the extraction of the particular tooth and curing the pain and symptoms.Tooth Infection
  7. Discolored Teeth: Discolored or stained teeth occurs due to the eating habits as well as unbalanced oral hygiene practice. It can be dealt with opting proper oral hygiene schedule and practicing it correctly.Discolored Teeth
  8. Tooth Erosion: When teeth come in contact with acids in foods, it leads to tooth erosion. It can also be due to some medications, juices and dry mouth. The back portion of the upper and lower teeth are commonly affected with tooth erosion.Tooth Erosion
  9. Cracked Teeth: Tooth erosion can lead to cracked teeth. It can also occur due to accidents. Restorative and Aesthetic treatments help in the treatment of this teeth problem.Cracked Teeth
  10. Gingivitis & Periodontitis: Most of the times gingivitis which is an initial stage of gingivitis leads to periodontitis with more severe effects. Proper oral hygiene with scaling and root planning will help to cure this gum problem.Gingivitis - Periodontitis
  11. Hyperdontia: Presence of more or supernumerary teeth causes difficulty to the patient in teeth functioning as well as in aesthetics. Therefore, these teeth need to be removed by the dentist according to the case of the patient.Hyperdontia
  12. Malocclusion: Lack of proper sequence can be seen in many patients. Proper orthodontic treatment will provide an excellent new look to the smiles of the patients.Malocclusion

It is essential to know these teeth problems so that they can prevent as well as treated well on time.

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