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Saliva and Oral Health
Saliva and Oral Health

Saliva and Oral Health

Saliva is a vital fluid in our body and plays a crucial role in several activities associated with the oral health of the individual. It is a fluid which is the lifeline of the mouth. Saliva ensures the maintenance of the health of the tissues present in the mouth. Along with this, it also provides proper digestion and infection control in the individual’s body.


Saliva mainly consists of the water majorly and the remaining part as amylase and proteins. It is released from the salivary glands present around the oral structures. This leads to the constant availability of the saliva in the mouth. The ducts present around such structures are responsible for carrying the saliva across the mouth. The secretion of the saliva from the salivary glands is increased mainly during the consumption of foodstuffs.


Our oral health is majorly monitored and modified with the presence of the saliva. There are various benefits of the saliva in the mouth which makes it quite essential in the mouth. It protects the teeth from the bacteria coming in contact with the teeth on a daily basis. Saliva covers the teeth, thereby keeping the bacteria away from affecting the teeth and causing damage in the form of dental caries. While eating foods consisting of carbohydrates, the components of these foods tend to stick to the surfaces of the teeth. Saliva prevents the sticking of the foods to the teeth thus ensuring prevention of the occurrence of decayed teeth.


When we eat foods, saliva helps in breaking down the foods thus aiding in the digestion of the foods in the body. In this way, it becomes easy for the food to get digested in the internal structures of the body without causing any difficulty. Here, amylase present in the saliva comes into play for helping in the breakdown and digestion of the foods. It also eases the swallowing of the food particles after it’s breakdown in the mouth. Once you start chewing the secretion of saliva increases in the mouth.


Saliva is widely used as a source for diagnosis for several diseases like oral cancer, hepatitis as well as bacterial infections. If an individual does not have sufficient saliva secretion, then it is recommended to utilize chewing gums for normal saliva secretion in the mouth. This also prevents the occurrence of the conditions like dry mouth. When there is regular secretion of saliva and proper presence of the saliva, then the oral cavity remains healthy.


Thus, saliva is a significant component in keeping the oral cavity healthy on a regular basis.

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