Wondering When to Go For Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment? Know Here About The Best Cosmetic Dental Clinic In India!

Wondering when to go for cosmetic dentistry treatment?

Cosmetic dentistry is an advanced form of traditional dentistry. While a traditional dentist can cure an aching tooth, a cosmetic dentist can improve the appearance of your teeth and can restore their original shine and whiteness. If your teeth have yellowed or they have got stained due to intake of tea, coffee, or smoking, you must approach the best cosmetic dental clinic in India.


The best dental cosmetic surgeon in Delhi would use teeth whitening, an effective cosmetic dental procedure to make your teeth sparkling white and bright. You would not feel shy in smiling once you avail teeth whitening treatment.


Cosmetic dentistry addresses a wide range of dental problems. From aligning your teeth to removing the stains from them to reducing the gaps between your teeth, it can treat any dental problem that you may be facing. 


Cosmetic dentistry promises long-term results. Whereas a local dentist may provide you with a temporary solution to your dental problem, this is not the case with a cosmetic dentist. He makes sure that you get long-term relief from the dental problem that you are suffering from. In addition, cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening or dental implants and bridges, etc are almost painless. They cause no or very little pain. 


There are no side effects of cosmetic dental treatment. Swollen gums, oral infections that happen post-dental procedures, and other complications do not arise when you go for cosmetic dental treatments. These dental procedures are done by highly skilled and well-trained dentists who make sure that your dental problems are addressed efficiently and safely. The cost of cosmetic dental procedures is more when compared to normal dental treatments, but it really is worth it. So once you are aware that you need cosmetic dentistry treatment then visit the best dental cosmetic Clinic in India.


How To Choose The Best Cosmetic Dental Clinic In India?


For any kind of dental treatment, it is always best to go to a reputed dentist and this is even more important when you are looking for cosmetic dental treatment. These treatments call for a lot of expertise and going to an inexperienced dentist just to save a few dollars could result in a poorly done job that will just have to be redone. In order to make sure you are making the right choice, during your initial consultation ask your dentist questions about the practice. Find out how many years of experience your dentist has had in this specific field and how many procedures he has experienced. Ask to take a look at the dentist’s portfolio of work and last but not least ask if the dentist will offer you any guarantee on the work done.


How To Choose A Cosmetic Dental Treatment In India?


Several of these treatments are similar with only a slight difference between them. Numerous factors will go into making this decision but the first step is to make an appointment at a cosmetic dental clinic to get your teeth assessed.


During this appointment, the dentist will evaluate the condition of your teeth and also ask you about your entire dental and medical history. If the dentist feels it is necessary, you may be asked to take a couple of X Rays to determine the condition of one or multiple tooth roots. Only after all of these tests are done, can the dentist make an informed decision as to the next course of action and which cosmetic dental treatment is right for you.


Once you are given your options, it is up to you to decide which of these to choose.

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Popular Ways For Replacing a Missing Tooth

Popular ways for replacing a missing tooth.

Nowadays many people across the world lose a tooth or two on a daily basis due to bad oral habits. Some of these are lost as a result of an accident, some need to be pulled and then there are those who chip their teeth so badly that they are left with a piece of the jagged tooth on display. Luckily thanks to advancements in dentistry, there are choices available to replace missing teeth, whether you have one or more missing. 


There are some different popular options for replacing a missing tooth.


Dental implants


Dental implants are a really popular option for replacing missing teeth. You can replace a whole lot of teeth by using implants. You do not have to suffer from dentures in the name of tooth replacement. These are a good option only if you are not eligible for dental implantation. However, dentures can cause even more damage if they are used for extended periods. You just need to visit the top dental implant surgeon in Delhi to understand the best tooth replacement options that are available for you.

At their most basic level, dental implants are simply titanium posts that are shaped in the form of a tooth root. They are fastened onto the jawbone under the gum line surgically. Once installed, the dentist is then able to mount a replacement tooth or even a bridge in that region. Unlike dentures, implants do not come loose. To add to that, implants bring with their general oral health as they do not have to be anchored to the neighboring teeth like dental bridges are. Visit for the best dental implants in South Delhi.



Removable Dentures


If you are on a budget, removable dentures are also the most effective choice for you. Dentures are made from plastic or acrylic and match your natural teeth. They’ll be removed for improvement, and they are available for each full and partial set. Dentures might not look as natural as different choices, however, they’re cheap and sturdy.


Fixed Bridge


A fixed bridge could be a dental restoration that replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth. The bridge is connected to two implants that are ingrained into the jawbone on either facet of the missing tooth. The bridge fits over your natural teeth and is commanded in place by metal clasps or by bonding the factitious teeth to your natural teeth. It’s a permanent answer and might last for several years if properly cared for. 


Root Canal


If you cannot afford to exchange your missing tooth, or if you do not wish to travel through the effort of obtaining implants or a bridge, you’ll wish to think about a root canal. It’s a less costly choice than dental implants or bridges, and it is worn out after one visit. However, a root canal doesn’t replace the missing tooth for good and will be perennial every few years.




If you are missing solely one tooth, you’ll be able to get a flipper. A flipper could be a temporary replacement that consists of a plastic tooth connected to a metal frame. It’s removable and might be worn while you await your permanent replacement. Flippers don’t seem to be as sturdy as different choices, however, they’re cheap and straightforward to use.


Eligibility for Dental Implant


Anyone considering getting cosmetic dentistry should know that there are some criteria that will determine whether they are eligible or not. To start with, the person must have healthy gums and bones that will support the implant. When you have missing teeth, the bone tends to waste away. It starts with the teeth-supporting bone then the layer just below and eventually it goes to the jawbone proper. Without adequate bone, there will be no support for the implant. In such a case, the patient will require bone grafting.


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The Do’s and Don’ts Of Dental Hygiene – DR. PUNEET KATHURIA

The Do's and Don't of dental hygiene: Dr Puneet Kathuria

You will surely agree that a healthy smile is a bonus at any given age. Oral health is the practice of keeping your teeth and mouth clean to avoid dental problems such as bad breath, gingivitis, and dental cavities. You don’t have to own any degree or certificate in oral health to keep your mouth and teeth clean and healthy, you only need the basics such as knowing how to identify the common oral ailments and some common do’s and don’ts of dental hygiene with Dr. Puneet Kathuria.


Common oral diseases and ailments


– Bad breath: bad breath, also called halitosis, can be really embarrassing. Bad breath is usually associated with certain dental conditions. Gum disease, oral cancer, cavities, bacteria on the tongue, and dry mouth are some of the problems that cause bad breath.


Tooth decay: also known as cavities, is the second most common oral problem. The best practice to prevent tooth decay is by flossing, brushing twice a day, and attending regular dental checkups.


Gum (periodontal) disease: studies reveal that gum disease is linked to strokes and heart attacks. Regular checkups, daily brushing, and flossing play a major role in controlling the ailment. So contact the best gum surgery clinic in South Delhi


Oral cancer: Oral cancer affects the mouth, throat, or lips and can be effectively controlled if diagnosed in the early stage.


Mouth sores: They usually disappear after a short while. The most common mouth sores are fever blisters, canker sore, cold sores, thrush, and ulcers.


Tooth sensitivity is basically the experiencing of discomfort or pain in the teeth from contact with cold air, sweets, hot drinks, ice cream, or cold drinks. In extreme cases, tooth sensitivity can be experienced even during brushing or flossing.


Dry mouth is a condition that causes drying in the mouth and results in difficulty swallowing, eating, speaking, or tasting. This dryness results from the failure of the salivary glands to work properly. Luckily, there is treatment readily available in most of the local dental clinics.


Best oral health practices


Most dental diseases and general ailments result from bad dental practices and failure to observe routine medical and hygiene routines. Good oral health practices help greatly in cutting down the occurrence of bacterial, fungal, and other related disease.


Do’s : 


These practices include:


Regular brushing using appropriate brushing techniques, twice a day is the most recommended. Once in the morning and once in the evening. This will ensure that bacteria and plaque are removed from your teeth and are not present for long periods. 


Flossing daily: You should also consider flossing your teeth straight after you have cleaned them, as you may still have food particles and plaque between your teeth that brushing alone couldn’t dislodge.


Healthy diet: eating a balanced diet and limiting the intake of sugary snacks and foods


Mouth Washes:  rinsing your mouth with a fluoride mouthwash as may be advised by the dentist.


Dental Products: use of dental products with fluoride as one of the ingredients, including toothpaste


Dentist visit: Finally, you should try and visit your local dentist every 6-12 months for a routine check-up, and to get your teeth cleaned and polished by the hygienist. This will help you maintain good oral health throughout your life. Visit the best DR. PUNEET KHATURIA.




Forcefully Flossing: Avoid forcefully flossing as it can eventually cause damage to the gum tissues.


Wrong brushing technique; Overly vigorous tooth brushing or using the wrong type of brush for the technique often leads to cervical tooth abrasion or gingival irritation.


.Smoking: avoid smoking as it can cause oral cancer, bad breath, stained teeth, and other dental complications


Alcohol: try and limit your intake of alcohol as alcoholic drinks are high in sugar and may stain your teeth 


Diet: look at your diet and limit your intake of sugary foods. 


Avoid cheap treatment: Don’t go after cheap treatments, you must visit an expert and top clinic.


Observing the above do’s and don’t in addition to regular dental checkups with the expert  DR. PUNEET KHATURIA highly reduces the cases of chronic dental disease and general ailments.