Professional Teeth Whitening Solution- Enjoy A Superior Experience

Do you try your best to hide your teeth behind closed mouth smiles due to discolouration? Have you been through a situation where you felt ashamed in front of colleagues, family or friends due to your stained teeth? 

Sometimes, regardless of how many times we brush in a day, our teeth remain dull-coloured and stained. This not just affects our oral health but also starts impacting other areas of life. However, with treatments such as teeth whitening options available, you can flaunt your pearly whites once again. 

Don’t worry; the procedure of teeth whitening isn’t as bad as you may think it is, and the results are certainly worth your money. But if you are still sceptical about whether to move forward with this treatment or not, we can help you understand how it can be beneficial. 

But first, let’s understand the root cause behind the discolouration of your teeth. There are two prominent categories of teeth discolouration: 

Extrinsic Discolouration

This type of discolouration is caused due to consumption of beverages and smoking. Drinking red wine, tea or coffee can lead to the yellowing of your teeth. Furthermore, smoking can also cause your teeth to become more stained and even have a brownish colour. However, these stains only affect the exterior surface of your teeth and can be treated easily.

Intrinsic Discolouration

Intrinsic discolouration transpires from the inside of the tooth. The reasons behind intrinsic discolouration are infection, ageing, medication, illness or tooth trauma, and only professional teeth whitening can help in brightening teeth. 

Now that you are aware of what causes your teeth to stain or discolour, let’s help you understand the advantages of brightening your smile with professional teeth whitening options:

  1. Thorough Whitening

The best thing about getting your teeth whitened professionally is that you can count on them. As dentists are teeth specialists, they know their job well. Furthermore, a home whitening remedy would not offer the same results as a professional treatment. Dentists will deeply clean the teeth and bring back your whiter shades.

  1. Reliable Treatments 

When you purchase a teeth whitening kit from a pharmacy, you never really know if the product is good enough for your teeth. However, teeth whitening from experts is more trustworthy as they use safe and effective products to provide the results you desire.

You can’t risk your smile with further damage by using faulty products. And, when you know the better route, it is better to walk on the same, right?

  1. Instant Results

Unlike home remedies which take weeks and even months to show results, teeth whitening from experts can whiten your teeth within an hour. You would not have to wait for weeks or months to see the change, which is awesome! Teeth whitening treatment from a dentist comes with an assurance that you will be satisfied with the result provided.

  1. Enhanced Appearance

A pretty and bright smile can completely change the way you look. So if you could brighten your teeth and improve the look of your face, why wouldn’t you?

Your teeth are an essential component of your face and the first thing people notice when they look at you. Therefore, whitening your teeth not only helps change your style but enhances your entire appearance as well. 

Look Good, Feel Great!

Hopefully, the information provided above will help you make the right decision as living with stained teeth does not have to be an option anymore! 

Today, getting the type of smile you want gets as simple as making a visit to a dentist. So if you are in need of teeth whitening services, connect with Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry. As the best clinic for teeth whitening in South Delhi, we offer optimum quality services to help our clients give the look they have always desired. 

We look forward to your visit to our multi-speciality clinic in South Delhi! Book an appointment today. 


Why Is Dental Tourism a Growing Trend?

As an extremely crowded marketplace, Dental tourism is taking steps at a phenomenal pace for becoming one of the fastest-growing fields in the larger sector, Medical Tourism. It essentially revolves around people travelling overseas in order to get low-cost, state-of-the-art, and painless dental treatments. It is often combined with a holiday, or a tourist experience of the destination people travel to, for their dental treatments. 

Owing to the improved healthcare opportunities worldwide, Dental Tourism has become a growing trend and is gaining popularity across the globe. And, as India is one of the largest English speaking nations of the world, Dental tourism has taken a front seat in the list of fastest-growing industries due to the high quality of Dentistry being offered here.

Apart from this, there is a wealth of other benefits offered to tourists travelling to India for their dental treatments. Some of them are listed below-

  1. Cost-Effective Dental Treatment 

The central idea behind dental tourism takes place from the fact that people travelling to other countries can save up to 60 per cent on their dental treatments. Apart from this, low-cost air travel also pushes dental patients to go beyond domestic borders for their dental treatments. In India, there are numerous reputed clinics that offer the best quality Dental tourism in India at extremely reasonable prices. Therefore, one can get their dental treatment done in India through seasoned experts at just a fraction of the cost they would incur in their native countries.  

  1. High-Quality Dental Technologies, Tools And Other Premium Facilities

Every year, people in great numbers from all parts of the globe travel to India for top class dental treatment. Dental clinics in India are well-appointed, with sophisticated machinery, advanced technologies, and even maintain world-class standards. Further, they are spacious, clean and offer an aesthetically pleasing ambience. And, as hygiene is taken care of, one would not have to worry about compromising on the same. 

  1. Raising Awareness About Oral Healthcare

Having a good set of dentitions is not just an inseparable part of facial beauty but overall health too. As the mouth, gums and teeth are a window to overall health, it is essential for everyone to take complete care and protect their oral health. And, when it comes to selecting Indian experts for dental procedures, one can rest assured that their dental health is in good hands. 

  1. Skilled and seasoned dentists

When dentists have the right credentials to prove their competence, one knows they can trust them for dental treatment. Dentists in India are highly qualified and have the right skillset and experience to offer top-notch quality services for dental treatments. Not only does a skilled dentist explain procedures but also advises the patients on the best treatment.

Wrapping Up

The dental tourism experience in India will be memorable if the treatment is done by the right hands. India has a lot to offer; therefore, tourists have enough time for sightseeing and travelling to other locations between the treatment and follow up appointments. So, if you are looking forward to dental tourism in India, you may visit Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry for a professional approach. As the best dental tourism clinic in South Delhi, Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry offers optimum quality dental care at extremely reasonable prices. Connect with us to get your treatment started. 


Here Is How You Can Fix Tooth Gap With The Most Trusted Cosmetic Dentist

Teeth, if aligned symmetrically, help you smile happily with more confidence. However, if there are gaps between the teeth, smiling may even become embarrassing or awkward on certain occasions. This condition is referred to as Diastema and involves an uneven or extraordinary gap between adjoining teeth. Although it is a naturally occurring procedure, it can look unattractive to some and even cause serious oral issues. 

Fortunately, these gaps can be closed with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Various treatments help in the elimination of this unwanted space between the teeth, and Gap Closures are one of them. It is considered the best procedure and helps individuals get back the confidence to smile. 

If you feel self-conscious about your smile and are interested in knowing more about how to correct teeth gaps through gap closures, we’ve outlined a few ways to help you with the same. But before that, let’s understand what causes these uneven gaps between teeth. 

Several factors contribute to uneven spaces between the teeth. In our growth years, most of us go through a stage where we have ‘gappy teeth’ due to our habit of either chewing pen caps or sucking thumbs. Besides this, the genetic factor also plays a major role in creating uneven spaces between teeth. 

However, there are some other reasons as well why these uneven gaps remain or even occur in adulthood –

  • Teeth to jawbone ratio: If your teeth are smaller in relation to your jawbone, gaps are most likely to be developed as your mouth reaches its adult size. 
  • Gum disease: A symptom of gum disease, inflammation, causes damage to the bone supporting the teeth. Due to this reason, your teeth may tend to move, which causes gaps between them.
  • Teeth loss: Losing teeth due to aging and decay can leave unsightly gaps in your mouth.
  • Oversized labial frenum: Another reason for gaps can be due to the growth in the tissue that extends from the internal part to the gum above the front teeth.

How to Correct Teeth Gaps?

Due to the advances in medical care, cosmetic dentistry now involves various methods for treating and closing gaps in teeth. At Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry, we offer the best techniques to eliminate the space between your teeth and enhance the look of your smile. As the best cosmetic dentist for gap in teeth, we employ procedures that depend completely on the severity and condition of the case. Take a look at the available cosmetic dentistry options-

Composite Bonding

A simple and effective procedure, cosmetic bonding involves the use of tooth-colored filling materials to close gaps. As it requires menial tooth preparation, the process can be completed in a single visit. Although you can obtain excellent results with composite bonding, it stains in the future and is not considered a very durable option. 

Composite Veneers (Componeers) 

Another common technique for treating diastema, Composite veneers are used when your teeth are too small for your mouth. They are thin dental material coverings that are placed directly over a tooth and help hide imperfections. In addition to this, they are also made for covering a tooth and a gap. 

Porcelain Veneers/Crowns

Porcelain veneers are the most preferred treatment used worldwide to correct gaps between teeth. We make use of the E-max system from Ivoclar Vivadent (Germany) to offer the best treatment to our patients.  

Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry: Your One-stop-shop for All Dentistry Needs

Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry takes immense pride in proffering a variety of options when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists execute quality treatments that suit the client’s needs and extend results that last long. Through our latest smile simulation software, we help our patients see their results even before the treatment starts. Connect with us to get your dental treatment started.

Prevent Oral Health Issues – Reach The Best Dentist

Just like other areas of the body, our mouth is swamped with bacteria, mostly harmless. However, as the mouth is an entry point to the respiratory and digestive tracts, some of these bacteria may pose a problem for the body and cause diseases.

Generally, our body’s natural defenses and good oral healthcare such as brushing twice a day and flossing keep bacteria under control. However, without a proper oral hygiene routine, colonies of bacteria can develop and reach levels that may lead to some serious oral infections, such as tooth decay and other gum diseases. 

To prevent these oral infections, it is essential to begin paying extra attention to this aspect of our health. As we age, the risk of certain health conditions increases- however, taking steps in the right direction can help prevent these problems.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate in your life to prevent dental problems popping up-

  1. Follow a Regular Oral Hygiene Routine

Maintaining an oral hygiene routine can help keep teeth and gums healthy in both the short and long run. A good oral hygiene routine includes brushing teeth with probiotic toothpaste for two minutes twice a day, flossing at least once a day, and using antioxidant mouthwash as per the directions of the bottle. As each of these steps plays a role others can’t, they work together to clean the mouth of plaque. 

Following a hygiene routine helps you prevent and protect yourself from oral health issues even before they occur. This not just helps you save time and money involved in dental treatments, but it’s also better for your health in the long term. 

  1. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

In order to prevent diseases due to oral health, it is essential for you to regularly visit your dentist. Regular appointments to the dentist allow spotting oral issues early on before they require some major treatment. So, if you are currently suffering from any dental problems or require dental implants in South Delhi, visit your dentist to get the disease treated.

  1. Get Immediate Treatment For Existing Oral Issues

If you are experiencing any oral issues, it is essential to get the treatment right away. Oral diseases, if left untreated, will simply get worse with time cause more damage to your teeth, gums, and even affect your overall health. Getting treatment done at the right time will prevent you from undergoing more complex treatments. 

  1. Quit Harmful habits

Another way to protect your oral and overall health is to quit harmful habits. Chewing tobacco, for example, can increase the risk of developing oral cancer and reduce your body’s ability to fight oral bacteria. This, in turn, increases your chances of getting cavities or gum diseases. Similarly, using your teeth to chip, crack, or break open packages or nuts, can be painful and land you to visit a dentist immediately. Thus, it is important to make an effort to quit such harmful habits and protect your teeth. 

Wrapping Up

Taking care of your oral health in order to make sure that your teeth, gums, and body remain healthy is an investment. And, if you require guidance, assistance, or any dental treatment, get in touch with Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry. We are a leading provider of the best dental tourism in India and our team will make sure you leave our clinic with a smile. Get connected with us to schedule a consultation today. 

Common Symptoms You Need A Root Canal Treatment

Smile Makeover with Dental Veneers

Root Canal Treatment or endodontics is performed to treat a tooth with infected pulp. But what are the signs of an infected tooth pulp? How can one identify whether he/she is in need of root canal treatment or not?

Here are some of the common symptoms indicating that you should visit your endodontist for root canal treatment.

  1. Cracked or Chipped Tooth: There are several causes resulting in a cracked or chipped tooth. A few of them includes:

    eating hard foods like candies, chips, etc
    involvement in contact sports like football, hurling, etc 
    previously failed dental procedures 

    The reason cracked or chipped tooth should not be ignored is that it leaves the tooth nerves exposed. This may lead to severe infection and pain. If you have a cracked and painful tooth then make sure to visit your endodontist at the earliest for the root canal treatment.

  2. Dark Discoloration/Staining of the Tooth: Dark discoloration of tooth takes place due to the consumption of foods like coffee, wine, etc that may stain the enamel of the tooth. In addition to this, poor oral hygiene also contributes to the darkening of the tooth by spreading germs in the mouth. After some time, the nerves of the tooth are likely to get damaged or infected. The dark discoloration can be treated with the RCT.
  3. Decayed or Infected Tooth: There are three major causes leading to the decayed or infected tooth:
    eating unhealthy food like candies, burger, etc
    an unhealthy oral regime with lack of proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing

    consumption of tobacco and alcohol

    Most of the people are too embarrassed to visit the general dentist for a consultation. Ignoring the infected tooth for a long time can result in the loss of the tooth. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the nearest dental clinic for consultation. In case of any further treatment, your general dentist may refer you to the endodontist for painless RCT.

  4. Mild to Severe Toothache: Toothache is one of the most notable symptoms of the infected tooth pulp. For some time you may ignore other symptoms like tooth infection, discoloration, chipped tooth, etc. However, you can never ignore the toothache especially when its intensity increases from mild to severe. A severe toothache may further lead to fever, headache, and swelling in the face and neck. For a few hours, you may be able to subdue the pain with over-the-counter medicines but it is not a permanent solution and definitely not the safest one. The only way to get rid of the pain is to get the infected pulp removed. Therefore, it is advisable to get RCT from a professional.
  5. Root or Tooth Sensitivity: If you feel discomfort or pain in the tooth while consuming hot and cold foods, breathing cold air and brushing your teeth then you may have tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is the result of damaged enamel or receding gums.
  6. Swollen Gums: Gum swelling is indicating of damaged or infected tooth nerves. In addition to this, you may also have a foul taste in the mouth around the swollen gums. This is the result of inflamed tooth nerves and requires the immediate attention of the professional.

Root Canal Treatment in Delhi

If you have any of the above-mentioned symptoms then you must schedule an appointment with your endodontist. Visiting a professional at the renowned dental clinic like Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry gives the assurance of painless RCT along with the best post-treatment patient care. At Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry, we know that nothing is more precious than your bright smile and therefore we have the most experienced team at your service. With us, you can have the satisfaction of getting the best root canal treatment in Delhi at an affordable price.

Teledentistry – The Future of Oral Health

Teledentistry Services India

In India and Worldwide people are suffering from oral health issues. To combat this issue the experts in the field of dentistry are turning towards a modern and practical approach. The method involves the use of telecommunication and information communications resulting in a new kind of dentistry called Teledentistry. Various programs providing virtual oral care service have been launched by dental clinics across the world using teledentistry. Since Teledentistry is still in its developing phase, therefore, both dentist and patients are yet to explore new possibilities that it may offer in the field of dentistry. The process of spreading awareness about teledentistry won’t be complete until there aren’t any visible results indicating the improvement of oral health in the world.

But what is Teledentistry?

As the name suggests teledentistry refers to the use of telecommunications and information technologies offering dental care services to a maximum number of people. The virtual care programs offered using teledentistry may involve educational videos spreading awareness about oral health, informative videos about minor dental issues and live consultation with dentists via video calling/conferencing.

Why Teledentistry?

There are three key reasons behind the introduction of teledentistry:

  • Educating People: The first purpose of teledentistry is to provide dental education. The educational data may target questions like—what is oral health, how to manage oral health, and best ways to keep gums and teeth healthy, etc.
  • Spreading Awareness: Here, the target is to spread awareness about oral health issues, causes of various types of oral and dental issues like – oral cancer, periodontitis, etc, and preventive measures that one may take to avoid such oral issues.
  • Consultation and Treatment: If you need urgent oral care but you are unable to reach your dentist then teledentistry is for you. There are times when the dentists have zero slots for you in their appointment book. In such cases, you may approach some other dentists for a consultation. The dentist may ask you to visit the dental clinic for further treatment but only if he/she finds that the issue is severe.

Scope of Teledentistry in India

  • Improving Oral Health: Teledentistry is a good option to reach people living in both rural and urban India. Educating people about oral health, spreading awareness about oral health issues and virtual care solution for dental consultation will surely improve the dental health of people.
  • Easy Consultation: You may consult any dentist for minor issues from anywhere anytime.
  • More Time, Less Crowd: Teledentistry may control the crowd in dental clinics by providing virtual consultation for minor issues. This will allow the dentists to have more time in hand to focus on patients with severe dental issues.
  • Second opinion: Validate your dental treatment plan by taking the expert second opinion from the best in the business.

Teledentistry in Delhi

There are very few dental clinics in India offering teledentistry services. It’s because teledentistry requires a proper setup of telecommunications and information technologies in order to function smoothly. Therefore, Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry is a dental setup that brings you Teledentistry in Delhi, India. If you are looking for the Teledentistry in India then you may visit The dental setup is equipped with the latest dental equipment and is known for its excellent dental services offered by highly experienced team of 7 dental specialists.

Get the best dental consultation from the comfort of your home of a predetermined time.

If you are an International Patient & wish to seek Dental Treatment in India, than Teledentistry / Online Consultation is the safe bet to understand your potential Dental Treatment, Visits & Costs involved. It always boosts your confidence when you can meet your potential doctors face to face & discuss your dental issues. The Teledentistry attempt by Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry from New Delhi, India is exactly conceptualized on these lines to provide you maximum benefits from the comfort of your home. Visit Teledentistry for more details.

Dental Implants: Permanent Solution For Missing Teeth

Implant Supported Overdenture

Dental implants are metal frames that are surgically placed by the implantologist in the jawbone to fill the gap caused by the missing teeth. These metal posts or frames are designed to fit perfectly so as to restore your chewing or speaking capability. Over a time period these metal frames begin to act like your natural teeth roots. Made from titanium these metal anchors provide extra support to over-dentures.

Dental implants or implant supported over-dentures are easy to manage as they don’t slip while chewing or speaking. False teeth like bridges, crowns, and removable over-denture are less stable and comfortable as compared to implant over-denture.

Dental implants: Types of Over-denture

There are two types of over-denture:

  1. Gum Supported or Implant Retained Over-denture: these over-dentures are designed to rests on gums. Such dentures come with retentive attachments that help them to stay put over the dental implants.
  2. Implant Supported Over-denture: these over-dentures are implanted on the jaws forever and can only removed clinically. Such implant over-denture comes in one-piece where the bar and over-denture are fixed permanently into the jaws using titanium screws.

Advantages of Dental Implants or Implant Supported Dentures

  1. More Stable and Comfortable: Unlike bridges and crowns, implant supported over-dentures provide more stability and comfort as they are supported by dental implants that are surgically placed in the jawbone.
  2. Provides Stimulation to Jawbone: Dental implants replace the natural teeth roots by filling the gap due to missing teeth. Like natural teeth roots they also provide stimulation to the jawbone. Hence preventing resorption of jawbone.
  3. Improves Chewing and Speaking Capability: Since, dental implants are fixed they retain implant over-denture at one place. Thus helping you to chew and speak properly.
  4. Retains Facial Structure: By providing stimulation to the jawbone, dental implants also contribute in retaining the facial structure by preventing sagging and premature ageing.
  5. Cleaning is Easy: Dental implants also improve oral health as they are easy to clean. All you need to do is to treat them like natural teeth and brush and floss them regularly.
  6. Saves You from Embarrassment: Removable over-dentures tend to slip while chewing or speaking thus causing you to feel embarrassed in front of others. But with implant over-dentures you can chew or speak smoothly as they don’t slip. They give an amazing makeover to your smile thus saving you from embarrassment.

Dental Health Benefits of Cloves – Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry

Clove Benefits for Teeth

Get the best and most Efficient Dental Treatment from the Leading Dentistry

Teeth are the most part of the body. There are two essential functions of teeth due to which it has the maximum importance. The first pertains to the overall outlook of a person and the second pertains to the factor of digestion.

  1. Regarding the first aspect which is about the beauty and the outlook of an individual has a lot to do with the kind of teeth one has. Everyone wishes to witness a pleasing face cut. Teeth play an important role to make the facial features look beautiful. The way one talks, smiles and interacts exposes the kind of teeth one has. That is why, it is essential to maintain the teeth in the best possible manner so that the first impression can become the best impression.
  2. Regarding the second aspect which is about digestion, it is only when the food is properly chewed with the teeth that it can be digested properly. Food gets digestive only when it is chewed properly.

These two important functions make it mandatory for the people to take proper care when it comes to dental health. However, due to the kind of lifestyle people have these days, a lot of junk food intake takes place which eventually affects dental health. The germs get accumulated on the surface of the teeth or get stuck in between each tooth which results tooth decay.

In order to tackle with such and other dental health, clove treatment is the most helpful treatment. Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry is one of the best dental clinics when it comes to dental and oral treatments. They are renowned for providing treatments which are basically known for having clove dental benefits. Clove is the natural ingredient which plays an essential role in keeping teeth germ free, all shining and refreshing. If you wish to know as to how clove is useful, the best way is to adhere to Dr. Kathuria’s mandates regarding clove benefits for teeth. Being one of the most trusted platforms, they have the most authentic knowledge as to how and in what ways clove can be helpful. There are various ways in which clove can be beneficial for all sorts of dental ailments. Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry also provides consultation about authentic clove oil for tooth pain. Such oils can be used on a daily basis which helps in enriching the quality and the shine of the teeth. The gums become stronger resulting in healthy oral condition which enriches both beauty and digestion. In spite of being an authentic and technologically strong platform, the experts at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry prefer the usage of cloves for toothache and kinds of tooth ailments.

Adhere To Laser Dentistry Treatment For Best Results

Laser Gums Treatment

Laser Dentistry is one of the most recent kinds of dentistry which have been prevalent in the current times. Technology has revolutionized our lives from all the aspects. The medical sector does not remain excluded in this regard. Within the medical sector, the dental sector has witnessed a lot of changes and transformations when it comes to the modes and methods of treatment. One such transformation is the introduction and dissemination of laser methods in dental operations. Teeth are the most essential and at the same time, the most delicate parts of the human body. That is why, all kinds of treatments, surgeries and operations pertaining to teeth should always been held under the supervision of expert doctors and dentists. Laser Dentistry ensures safety from all respects. It makes treatments all the more convenient and easier. Surgeries tend to cause a lot amount of morbidity and un-easiness post operation. However, laser treatments within the ambit of dentistry do not cause of morbidity or any kind of uneasy feeling does not bother the concerned patients. However, one important thing that should be ensured by the patients is that they should always rely and procure the concerned treatments from the most trusted and authentic dental platforms.

Dr Kathuria’s dental services are one of the best services in this regard. They are known to be the leading experts in this field. It has been a long time since they have been serving the patients in the best possible manner. This platform comprises groups of some of the leading dentists and medical assistants who work very hard in making the respective treatments easier and painless for the patients. They are famous for being technologically updated. They have been successfully able to introduce laser treatment for teeth. More and more patients are going for this treatment as its painless and does not cause any other kind of inconvenience. Laser treatment makes use of rays which treats the affected tissues in a way which does not cause too much of pain as opposed to normal dental surgeries which are painful both pre and post operation sessions. If you are suffering from any kind of serious health ailment which needs surgery, Dr Kathuria’s dental treatments and specifically dental laser treatment sessions are highly recommended in order to receive guaranteed results within minimum time span also without the causation of pain.

Differences Between Invisalign vs. Ceramic Braces

Cost of Clear Aligners

Invisalign braces or clear aligners are made of polyurethane plastic. Since they are made of plastic they are almost invisible giving a very clear effect. These invisible braces are used for less severe orthodontic issues.

Ceramic braces or clear braces have brackets that are made of ceramic. The brackets are designed to match the color and texture of teeth.

Since both of these braces give clear effect, some people find it hard to differentiate between them.

Here are some of the differences between Invisalign and Ceramic braces:

  1. Clear aligners are bracket-less: The Invisalign braces to not have brackets like ceramic braces.
  2. Clear aligners are more transparent: The reason behind the popularity of Invisalign braces is that they are almost invisible due to their transparent look. On the other hand, the brackets of the clear braces may blend with the color of teeth but they are not invisible.
  3. Clear aligners are removable: The Invisalign braces can be easily removed while eating, brushing and flossing. Whereas, clear braces make it difficult to eat, brush and floss as they are fixed.
  4. Ceramic braces require fewer adjustments: Once the ceramic braces are fixed to your teeth, you will need to visit your dentist in every four weeks to adjust the brackets. On the other hand, the trays of the Invisalign are required to be changed in every two weeks.
  5. Clear aligners are not for extensive cases: The clear aligners can treat less crooked teeth, gapped teeth, misaligned bites; but they cannot treat extensive cases like extremely crooked teeth, cross-bites, and malocclusions. However, for extensive cases, clear braces can work wonders. In addition to this, if you remove your Invisalign braces very frequently or fail to wear them for at least 22 hours a day, then your orthodontic treatment may not become successful. But with ceramic braces, the chances of your orthodontic treatment becoming successful are relatively higher.
  6. Clear aligners are flexible: Invisalign braces are made of plastics which make them flexible. This flexibility prevents them from chipping or breaking. On the other hand, clear braces or ceramic braces are a little brittle; therefore prone to chipping or breaking.
  7. Clear aligners are smooth: Since clear aligners are made of plastics; they are quite smooth in texture. On the other hand, clear braces are a little rough and tend to cause irritation on gums and lips.
  8. Clear aligners do not stain teeth: The Invisalign braces cover the entire tooth surface thus preventing them from stains. On the other hand, clear braces may stain the teeth if you consume foods with strong pigmentation like coffee, tea or wine and also if you smoke a lot.