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Teledentistry for Virtual Dental Care

Teledentistry increases the efficiency, reach and impact of dentistry by connecting dental care providers to patients at the point of care. It is the use of electronic information, imaging and communication technologies, including interactivbe audio, video & data communications to provide and support dental care delivery to the prospective patients. We have the experience for virtual consultations and high-tech monitoring of patients which offer convenient care options for patients.

Teledentistry is proof that Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry is embracing innovation for comfort of their patients.

On-demand. Hassle free. At your convenience.

Teledentistry charge is INR 1000/- (approx. US $15, Euro €12, GBP £11) but it will be a 100% cashback when you visit our dental clinic for treatment within next 6 months. The amount would be adjusted in your final treatment charges, so is 100% cashback for you.

Steps For Teledentistry Communications With Us.

Steps For Teledentistry Communications
Upload Smile Picture*
Upload Xray (if any)

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