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Clear Aligners (Invisible Braces)
Cost of Clear Aligners

Get Straightened Teeth With a Hassle-Free Invisalign Treatment


Are you searching for a painless, comfortable alternative to metal braces? Or are you looking forward to enhancing the look of your smile by straightening your teeth? If yes, then Invisalign or Orthodontic Aligners is the right solution for you. It is an orthodontic treatment that uses a uniquely designed arrangement to align your teeth perfectly without using metal braces.  


The advanced procedure of Aligners involves using virtually invisible clear aligners to straighten teeth by correcting the misalignment and adjusting their position. As these aligners are made of clear BPA-free plastic, they have a smooth texture and one can get the best invisible braces cost in Delhi that makes them comfortable and convenient to use. Therefore, now you can smile without any constraint and pain. 


Aligner Treatment is an alternative for braces as clear aligners are not fixed permanently. They can be removed and cleaned regularly at your convenience. Whereas; braces involve the use of wires which are fixed for a certain period. These wires are mostly irritable, sometimes hurtful and even have food restrictions. Therefore, when you have an innovative, progressive, and comfortable option to get a precisely aligned and beautiful smile, why take the painful route?


So if you are a parent scouting orthodontic treatment for your child or an adult who has put off the treatment due to braces for years, get the clear aligners today. Now that you have an advanced option to get your confidence back with a beautiful smile- do not wait anymore. 


Benefits of Invisalign Treatment 


  • Nearly invisible
  • Convenient and easy to care of
  • Removable aligners
  • No food restrictions
  • Comfortable and easy to wear


Connect With Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry for a Comfortable and Effective Orthodontic Aligner Treatment!


Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry is a leading multi-speciality clinic offering optimum quality dental services for Aligner treatment. Our team understands how much a smile transformation is important for you. We are the top Invisalign dentist in South Delhi who will carefully supervise your treatment and ensure the best results. Our services are customised to extend the smile you have always desired. 


At Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry, we care for your smile and make sure to deliver the most comfortable experience through our compassion and commitment. We use advanced tools and technologies to offer you a comfortable and pleasant experience at our clinic. As the best dental clinic for Invisalign in India, we make sure to take care of your treatment needs and extend a transformation that will lead to a confident, gorgeous smile. Also, if you live abroad, Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry is the best quality dental tourism in  India


Common FAQs Related to Invisalign


What is Invisalign/Orthodontic Aligner?


Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that helps people straighten their teeth with the help of comfortable, convenient and removable aligners. After the treatment, you can get precisely aligned teeth and a beautiful smile. 


What are Invisalign clear aligners made of?


The clear aligners are made of BPA-free plastic. These aligners are far more comfortable and the clear aligners cost in Delhi is quite reasonable than metal braces and give you the smile you’ve always dreamt of.


I am a 36-year-old woman. Can I wear clear braces?


Hey! Both teenagers and adults can wear clear aligners. However, it is only after examination of your teeth that we can discuss if the treatment is right for you. 


What is the period for Aligner treatment?


An average Aligner treatment takes around one year. However, as every case is different, it depends on the age and specific needs.

David Burns


Relay to the patient in depth as to how many appointments there will be and exactly what will be done. Highly appreciated. Excellent rating

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I was really happy with the professionalism of the dentist and attention to the detail. Thanks Dr. Sween Kathuria for a nice work including Crowns & whitening.

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