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Sinus Lift Surgery
Sinus Lift Surgery

Sinus Lift Surgery For Dental Implants


A Sinus Lift, also referred to as Sinus Augmentation, is the process of adding bone to your upper jaw (posterior maxilla) in the area of teeth- that makes it easier for surgeons to place dental implants. Some people require dental implants; but, due to bone loss, they do not have enough bone support necessary for implant placement. In this case, a sinus lift surgery is used. In this surgery, the amount of bone in the upper jaw is increased by adding space between the molars and premolars. 


Sinus lift surgery is a relatively new but effective way to support dental implants. It helps one enjoy all the benefits of strong, natural, and beautiful teeth- even with missing or failing jawbones. 


When Do You Require A Sinus Lift?


A sinus lift surgery is required when the dental implants cannot be placed due to insufficient bone height in the jaw or when the sinuses are too close to the jaw. Some of the reasons for bone loss are-


  1. Periodontal gum disease
  2. Loss of teeth in the upper jaw
  3. When the body reabsorbs the bone after the loss of teeth


What Happens Before the Sinus Augmentation Procedure?


As the sinus lift is a bone transplant, a bone is used from one place to the upper jaw. The first step includes determining where the bone for this surgery will come from. Below listed are the three common types of bones used in sinus lift surgeries-


  1. The autogenous bone, i.e. the bone from your own body is usually taken from areas of your mouth or the body. 
  2. Allogenic bone
  3. Xenograft
  4. A synthetic bone-like material


After the identification of the bone source, the anatomy of the jaw and sinus is studied for taking accurate measurements for the height and width of existing bone and sinus. Once the bone is finalised, the surgeon commences the procedure.


What Happens During the Procedure? 


  • Before starting the procedure, the patient is given local and/or anaesthesia. If necessary, nitrous oxide may be used too; however, it is less common.
  • Next, to expose the jaw bone, the gum tissue is cut where the back teeth were located. 
  • Now, as the tissue is raised and the jawbone is exposed, a small cut is made in the bone. Then, the surgeon gently pushes the membrane of the sinuses into the bone. 
  • As the piece of the bone is lifted gently into the space of the sinus cavity, the hole is filled with the bone graft. 
  • After the space is filled, the procedure is completed, and the incision is closed with sutures.


What Happens Post A Sinus Augmentation?


After the patients wake up from the anaesthesia, they are allowed to go home. Post the sinus lift procedure, most people experience minor swelling and bleeding with a little discomfort. After the surgery, the most important part of recovery is to retain the bone graft in place. Therefore, it is essential to avoid blowing the nose or sneezing as much as possible. These things can make the bone-graft material move, thus loosening the stitches. 


After this, follow up appointments are required to be taken for examination of the surgical site and removal of stitches (if they don’t dissolve on their own). A full recovery will take around six months, in which the sinuses will heal, and the bone will become strong enough to support the dental implants. Although the procedure may seem slow, the results will last a lifetime. 


Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry: Top Dentist for Sinus Lift Surgery


Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry is known to go above and beyond dentistry to reinstate gorgeous smiles. As a leading provider of maxillary sinus lifting surgery in India, we ensure extending the best results through our skills and experience. We offer the lowest sinus lift surgery cost in India. At our multi-speciality clinic, we make sure to deliver optimum quality treatments with a superior dental experience. Let us walk you through every step of the sinus lift surgery to get the smile you’ve always desired. For more information on the treatment, schedule an appointment today.


Common FAQs Related to Sinus Lift Surgery 


Can a dental implant treatment be done without sinus lift surgery?


Yes, dental implants treatment in India can take place without a sinus lift surgery, only if there’s enough bone to support the implant.


What material is used for sinus lift surgery?


Usually, a bone graft from your body will be used as it has tissues that help in growth and healing. The bone grafting material is also taken from sources, such as cadaver bone or synthetic products.



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