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What Are Dental Emergencies and How To Treat?
Dental Emergencies - Delhi

What Are Dental Emergencies and How To Treat?

Dental problems can happen to anyone on this earth. You need not worry regarding any dental problems if you know what you need to do when a dental emergency strikes in. Dental emergencies do not come informed. So, make sure that you take the right steps at the right time. You need to make sure that you take the dental problems at the times of emergencies in a serious manner. It is essential to get the right treatment for the dental emergencies to prevent any long term damage to the teeth and other oral structures. Some of the most common dental emergencies include teeth fractures, knocking out of teeth from the socket, sudden swelling of gums, abscess in teeth and many others. Every single dental emergency needs to be handled uniquely at every age. So, you need to understand the simple ways you can handle dental emergencies before you reach your dentist for the required dental treatment.


If your tooth is knocked out, then you need to act quickly without thinking a lot. Call your dentist and book an urgent appointment. Take the tooth and place it in the socket. Remember that if you reach your dentist within one hour of the knocking out of the teeth, the splinting procedure can be done and tooth can be successfully restored back to the respective socket. But do not delay more than 2 hours or else it will be difficult for the teeth to adapt to the socket. If you feel that the tooth is coming out and you may swallow it, then you can carry the tooth in water or preferably milk.


If your teeth are broken, then make sure you do not let chewing forces worsen the situation. Call your dentist immediately and rush to the dentist. Avoid exposure of the respective tooth to extreme temperatures. So, safeguard your teeth and go to the dentist. If required take a painkiller other than aspirin. Once you reach the dentist’s clinic, an X-ray will let you know the actual condition of the teeth. Minor fractures can be cured in the minimum period and you can get free of the worries. In case of the moderate fractures, only the crown structures are affected, and they are healed with the help of the aesthetic crowns. In case of the severe fractures, the tooth is extracted and replaced with an dental implant and crowns.


Thus, it is crucial to understand dental emergencies and take quick actions as and when required.

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