Benefits Of Wearing Clear Aligners

Our smile is what makes us unique. As the famous saying goes – “a smile is the only curve that sets everything straight”, however, people don’t give enough credit to their beautiful smiles. Do you know that in a self-reported survey, it has been found that over 25% of people avoid smiling due to any prevailing condition or just how their teeth appear? Isn’t that something to worry about?

Several conditions, such as misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, or even missing teeth, make people extremely conscious about how they appear in front of others. Most people are worried about how to correct gummy smile without any excruciating pain and time-consuming methods. This is where clear aligners come to play. What are clear aligners, you may ask? We have all seen the age-old metallic braces. These have been used for decades and are extremely helpful in correcting misaligned teeth.

The latest addition to the list of teeth correction is clear aligners. These are less noticeable than the traditional braces but help achieve similar results. For people who wish to improve their smile and teeth alignment, clear aligners do the work! There are several benefits associated with the use of clear aligners. Have a look at some of the benefits of wearing clear aligners:

Improved Comfort Level 

Clear aligners, rightfully, have changed the perception of people towards the comfort level while wearing braces. As these allow the patients to remove them anytime, it will enable comfort while eating, sleeping, and cleaning.

Shorter Treatment Duration 

When compared to traditional dental braces, aligners are less time-consuming. It takes around 18-20 months for the complex treatment to be resolved. This directly means that the treatment duration is lesser than other alternatives.

Enhanced Safety 

As you must have seen before, dental braces contain a lot of dental appliances such as elastics, brackets, mental wires, etc. It can become uncomfortable as well as agonising for patients. Not only does it cause discomfort in the mouth, but it can even result in severe pain at times. Clear aligners can be a perfect solution for dental problems with enhanced safety. They help in avoiding any possible issues which are generally caused due to metal braces. These are also open invitations to gum diseases and decay.

Not Noticeable at All 

If you are worried about how to treat gummy smile but don’t want to get braces, go for clear aligners. These transparent and clear aligners make them a better alternative than conventional metal braces. So, are you ready to ditch the awkward smile correction methods and switch to a comfortable, presentable, and safer tooth alignment alternative?

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Pull Your Tooth or Save It? What is the Ideal Option?

Infection in a tooth may make you feel like getting it pulled is the last choice. However, it is still not the best choice considered by doctors. Whenever possible, you must always look for options to save your tooth rather than have it pulled. Let us know more about it from Dr. Puneet Kathuria.

Nothing can replace how a natural tooth looks, feels, and functions. At times, when it is infected or a disease, it requires additional care. While it may cause a lot of pain and lead you to consider extraction as the last option. It is not!

Whenever possible, it is advised to consider treatments to save your teeth. You may be wondering why not get a tooth pulled, especially when it won’t be visible. But you will know that a tooth is missing, and it will impact the quality of your life. Pulling a tooth is only advisable when it is infected or damaged beyond repair and other options fail to be effective.

When to Pull your tooth?

In some cases, when a dentist simply can’t save a tooth, it needs to be removed. This can be the case if you have a very large cavity that weakens your tooth beyond repair by compromising too much of its structural integrity. Extraction can be the best choice if your tooth has a major fracture as well.

However, it should not be pulled if the case is not severe. You should not get them pulled because it is easier or more cost-effective for you. A missing tooth can lead other teeth to shift, affect your ability to chew properly and even ruin your smile. Furthermore, it is more painful than infection and replacing it will require frequent visits to the dentists.

When to save your tooth?

Your dentist may be able to save your tooth if enough of the tooth structure is healthy despite the damage. Although it may require care, most dentists will choose to keep your tooth over extracting it whenever possible because it is more durable than options like a bridge or dentures.

Root canal treatment is usually preferred by dentists to save teeth when they’re damaged, have dead pulp but are otherwise viable to the mouth. Apart from this, as modern endodontics offers various advancements in technologies, materials and procedures, there are many other treatment options for saving your natural teeth.

It is crucial for you to understand your choices and how they will have an impact on your teeth & future dental health. It is always the best choice to retain your natural teeth and endodontic treatment should be your first choice. Endodontists will evaluate your condition and provide the best treatment based on it.

Here are some tips for saving your teeth

  • When given a choice between root canal treatment and tooth extraction, always go for a root canal.
  • If you note any symptoms of swelling or pain in your teeth, act immediately. Endodontists also accommodate emergency cases, even on weekends.
  • Ask if root canal is an option if your dentist recommends a tooth extraction procedure.
  • If you’re being told that root canal is not an option, do ask the reason behind it.

For detailed information on root canal treatment, how to correct teeth gaps or anything else, call us at our All-India toll-free number to book your appointment. We at Dr Kathuria’s Dentistry are here to assist you with your dental treatment.

Simple Tricks to Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

Your oral health and hygiene are about having a clean tongue, strong teeth, healthy gums, and neutral breath. Also, maintaining good oral health prevents many diseases and disorders from developing in the mouth. The mouth is one of the first places to show symptoms of many illnesses, including diabetes. This is why keeping a healthy and clean mouth is of utmost importance. But the major issue is that 50 out of 100 people avoid visiting dentists because of dental anxiety.

Dental anxiety is the fear, worry, or tension related to a dental environment. In general, dental anxiety can be brought on by things like drills, needles, or the dental office environment. For those with dental anxiety, here are some strategies to consider so that you don’t miss your appointments. Furthermore, when you look for an appointment in the best cosmetic dental clinic in India, the tips below will help you overcome your dental fear and anxiety.

Communicate with your dentist: As we know, for every problem, the key solution is communication. Thus, you can talk to your dentist about your fear and anxiety. This will help your dentist in comforting you by customising treatment to better suit your needs. Furthermore, they could even use dental sedation techniques to make you feel more at ease.

Do breathing exercises: Prior to visiting your dentist, you can perform a few exercises that help in relaxation. These activities can also ease anxiety caused before and after dental treatments. You can also keep your eyes closed and meditate. After a few moments of meditating, slowly open your mouth to let the breath out several times.

Avoid Attention During Appointments: If you think relaxing techniques such as exercise are not working, try diverting your mind. Being accompanied by a friend or a relative will help you pass the time/avoid anxiety while you get your procedure done! Also, you can distract yourself by involving yourself in different activities – It might be a book you like to read, a movie you want to watch on your phone, or even a gadget to help you fidget. So, it would help if you always focus on things that keep you calm and relaxed.

Think about sedation dentistry: Medical treatments are available for dental anxiety. Before and during treatments, patients can be kept calm and comfortable by using oral sedation. The patient can unwind with oral sedation without having to struggle with uncomfortable feelings.

When it comes to sedation dentistry, nitrous oxide use is much more widespread. Within minutes after being supplied to a patient, nitrous oxide, a fast-acting gas, begins to have an impact. This gas, which is administered using a gas mask, aids in keeping patients at ease. After receiving nitrous oxide sedation, patients are frequently permitted to drive themselves home because the gas wears off as swiftly.

Have ONE dentist for all your dental needs: Choosing a dentist you can trust, and a clinic that feels like home is a key step in conquering your phobia. You can begin by considering what you want in the future, such as cosmetic dentistry, rather than focusing on what you need right now. By doing this, you will become comfortable by consulting your dentist for every oral issue.

Final Thoughts

Would you like to know more about overcoming dental anxiety? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry right away. Being one of the best cosmetic dental surgeon in India, we make sure to provide world-class dental services to our patients. We have years of experience in assisting individuals to overcome their dental anxiety. Get associated with us to learn more about our treatments and services.

Simple vs Surgical Tooth Extraction Methods

There is a common notion among the masses that tooth extractions can be quite difficult. Most people think that it brings enormous pain and discomfort. This is why it might not even come as a surprise that everyone tries to avoid extraction procedures as much as possible. But in many cases, tooth extraction is the only resort one can turn to due to irreversible tooth damage and decay.

Dental practitioners conduct this procedure to preserve oral health and salvage the remaining teeth. Contrary to popular belief, it is often a rapid and safe process when carried out appropriately. So, if you think that your teeth cannot be saved, it may be time for extraction. With the right experts, you don’t have to worry about tooth extraction. With varying types of tooth extraction procedures and advancing technologies, you can rest assured about your oral health and damaged teeth.

In this blog, we will cover the two types of tooth extractions, which will help you understand the difference between both and help you make a better choice.

Simple Extractions

Simple extractions are very easy treatments that your dentist can complete in the clinic with little to no significant healing time. Your dentist will use an elevator to help extract the tooth from its socket after completely numbing the surrounding area. This kind of extraction is performed on teeth that are no longer protected by the gums and are exposed in the mouth.

Simple extractions enable you to get rid of one or more teeth at once. Your dentist will use forceps to extract the tooth once it has thoroughly loosened. In order to heal properly, you will be required to make some dietary adjustments, but only for a few days.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

To guarantee that the tooth is extracted or treated with the utmost level of expertise, a dentist will recommend the patient get an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS). Depending upon the severity of the damage, it can be determined whether the teeth shall be removed completely or partially. In the OMS clinic, surgical tooth extractions can take place while the patient is sedated or under anaesthetic. The following variables will affect how long the procedure takes to complete:

  • Bone thickness surrounding the tooth
  • The tooth’s location
  • The root’s length and curve (s)
  • The physical state of the patient

An incision is necessary to remove a tooth covered by gum tissue. The surgeon will also remove bone if it partially covers the tooth to fully expose and extract it. Sutures may be used to speed up healing if an incision is necessary.

In order to prevent bone loss and enhance functioning, dental implants in south delhi are advised for the replacement of extracted teeth, with the exception of wisdom teeth. The first step toward better dental health is simply surgical tooth extraction.

So, whether you’re looking for the best dental implant surgeon in Delhi or have a question about extraction, schedule an appointment with our dentist by giving us a call. We at Dr Kathuria’s Dentistry are known for offering world-class dental dental implant surgeon in delhi