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How Does Tobacco Affect Your Oral Health and Teeth?
Tobacco Affect on Oral Health and Teeth - Gum Treatment

How Does Tobacco Affect Your Oral Health and Teeth?

Our teeth require routine care and maintenance to stay healthy and well functioning for an extended period. It includes monitoring our lifestyle as well as daily habits which have a significant impact on the overall oral health and teeth. There are various common habits which gradually take a toll on the health of the mouth and condition of the teeth of the individuals. This includes smoking and tobacco chewing.


Our teeth are affected in different ways due to the consumption or smoking of tobacco. This includes discoloration of teeth, bad breath as well as several gum diseases. So you can see that how regular use of the smoke can negatively affect your teeth and other oral structures. When tobacco is consumed, or smoking is done, it fades away the natural color of the teeth thus turning them into yellow initially and later dark brown depending on the amount of the tobacco consumed on a regular basis. Bad breath which is also known as halitosis is quite common these days due to the increased consumption of the tobacco, especially in men. When an individual smokes, the particles get deposited in the respiratory tract which eventually leads to bad breath. The individual comes to know regarding it when the condition starts worsening.


Gum diseases affect many individuals of different age groups. The teeth of the individual get deposited with tartar which thereby turns into plaque and calculus. It leads to weakening of the teeth support and leads to periodontal diseases. In severe cases, excessive swelling of the gums and visible calculus in the individual’s mouth. It also affects the blood flow to the gums which also aids in the cause of the periodontal diseases in the individual with the habit of smoking or tobacco chewing. It leads to the increased mobility of the teeth which eventually leads to the loss of the teeth. This happens quite often in the individuals in the young age who consume tobacco quite regularly. Oral cancer is commonly seen in the individuals who smoke on a regular basis or chew tobacco in their daily routine. If the initial symptoms are detected at the right time, then the condition can be dealt in the best way.


The habit of smoking and tobacco chewing need to be gradually removed to reverse the condition of the patient as much as possible in the upcoming time. It requires constant support and counseling. Regular scaling procedures and checkups will ensure aid in keeping the individual’s teeth and oral structures at an improving level.

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