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The third set of molars, Wisdom Teeth, are the final teeth that erupt usually in the late teens or early twenties. In cases where the wisdom teeth erupt smoothly, without any kind of interruption, they prove to be an asset. However, if they come out otherwise, these molars can cause pain, irritation, and inconvenience and require removal. The circumstances when dentist advice for wisdom tooth removal are-


Impacted Tooth: As a wisdom tooth erupts in the far back of your mouth, there is a possibility that it may not come out normally. The wisdom teeth may get trapped in the jawbone or gum and cause pain.


Incorrect angle: There are various cases when a wisdom tooth presses against other teeth if it develops at a wrong angle. This can cause harm to the adjacent teeth. 


Jaw Size: When the jaw is not large enough to accommodate extra molars like wisdom teeth, one may experience inconvenience. This can lead to damage of nerves, making the jaw hollow. 


Cavity or gum diseases: At times, the toothbrush or the floss may not reach the area where wisdom teeth are located. This leads to gum disease or cavities attacking the teeth.


 Symptoms that Indicate Removal of Wisdom Teeth 


  • If the pain behind the molars increases with time
  • If there is any redness, swelling or tenderness causing infection
  • If you experience foul breath or bad taste, which may be a result of wisdom teeth
  • Pain and stiffness in the jaw


The Procedure of Wisdom Tooth Extraction


The procedure of wisdom tooth removal depends on the development and condition of the wisdom tooth. If the wisdom tooth has fully erupted, it becomes easy to extract it. However, if the tooth is impacted, the process requires incisions in the gums. Here, the extraction of tooth takes place in parts to reduce the amount of bone that is to be extracted for removal. 


Post Wisdom Tooth Removal


  • Avoid spitting excessively for the next 24 hours post the surgery
  • Avoid consuming any cold foodstuff and straw such as cold milk, juices, ice-creams, etc
  • Avoid smoking for the first 36 hours as it can delay healing. This can lead to a very inconvenient and painful condition called dry socket 
  • Do not rinse vigorously
  • Avoid touching
  • Avoid biting on the lower lip or any numb areas of the mouth
  • Take a soft and liquid diet like mashed potatoes, pudding, yoghurt, etc


Wisdom Teeth Removal from the Top Experts


At Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry, we offer advanced dental treatment for wisdom tooth removal. We are the top wisdom tooth removal dentist in Delhi , and Root Canal Treatment specialist in Delhi as our oral surgeons provide you with painless treatment in the most effective way. We administer anaesthesia to make sure you feel no pain and keep calm & relaxed during the complete procedure. As a leading multi-speciality clinic, we ensure to deliver the best dental experience through advanced tools, technologies, and maintenance of complete hygiene by our oral surgeons.


Common FAQs Related to Wisdom Teeth


Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth?


Removal of wisdom teeth depends on the eruption and growth. There are various instances where the mouth does not have enough space, which leads to crowding impacted wisdom teeth. Here, in these cases, wisdom teeth are required to be removed. However, if they have grown without any obstruction, there is no requirement of extracting the tooth.


Is the patient put on anaesthesia for this procedure?


Although dentists at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry prefer to numb the area before extracting the wisdom tooth, and therefore, recommend a local anaesthesia. As the best dentist for tooth extraction in Delhi, we make sure you experience no pain during the procedure of wisdom teeth removal. 


Does one experience pain post-procedure? If yes, how long does it last?


Yes, you might experience pain after the procedure is completed, and it may last for a couple of days. We have the best dentist for tooth extraction in Delhi to provide you with a seamless experience throughout the procedure. It is essential to follow all the necessary precautions directed by our dentist including proper medications to reduce post-treatment discomfort. 



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Everything went smooth and quickly doctors work well around my short schedule. Thank you Dr. Sween Kathuria for my new smile.

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