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Digital RVG X-rays
Digital RVG X-rays

Digital RVG X-rays

Digital radiography is one of the latest technologies utilized in the field of dentistry. The digital X-ray sensors are used for taking radiographs of traditional photographic film. The advantages of this type of radiography include freedom from chemical-based developing of the x-ray and secure transfer of the information of the radiographs. Also, less radiation can be used to produce an image of similar contrast to conventional radiography. Digital radiography has brought dentistry and its aspects to a new level. No more patients have to blindly believe in everything that they are told. They can see and understand that actually what’s going on in their teeth. This improves the trust between the patient and dentist thus keeping the patient satisfied with his dental treatment. One of the best advantages of utilizing digital RVG x-rays is that patients feel much more comfortable even when the radiographs are taken for the respective tooth or related structure. It provides amazing resolution of the tooth and nearby structure on the digital screen which helps in speeding up the dental treatment without any guesswork or confusion.

Digital radiography uses a digital device for capturing the image of the tooth or structure associated with it. The costly film procedure is eliminated along with saving a lot of time in every patient as the traditional method made it difficult for the patients to adapt during the insertion of the x-ray film. The special sensors are utilized in the digital radiography. This ensures proper hygiene for the patient as well as the dentist. Patients appreciate the usage of firm infection prevention measures taken along with the usage of the digital radiography in dentistry. This provides a smooth and calm experience of the patients, thus improving the patient experience after every dental treatment procedure.

The intraoral sensors have made the work of the radiography much more comfortable than earlier. Taking radiographs is quite simpler than before. Patients appreciate the new concepts used in the digital RVG x-rays and favor the utilization of these techniques and technologies. The digital detector system has proved to be of great benefit over the traditional method of radiography. Also, the exposure rate to the radiations has decreased to an appreciable extent. Only the structure concerned with the patient’s problem is exposed to the x-rays. No other parts are exposed, which reduces the exposure in the patients. This is one of the significant benefits of the digital RVG x-rays.


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Very much impressed with the amazing qualifications of both the doctors! The respect and care given was wonderful. The doctors and staff are very lovely people to deal with. “Many many thanks to Dr.Kathurias for my new smile and strong teeth.

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Everything went smooth and quickly doctors work well around my short schedule. Thank you Dr. Sween Kathuria for my new smile.

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