All You Need to Know about Dental Implants – Procedure, Precautions and Cost

When it comes to replacing damaged or missing teeth, you have various options but one option that stands at the top is dental implant surgery. Dental Implants offer several benefits and this surgical treatment is way better than other tooth replacement options. However, most people fear dental implants are a painful procedure and avoid getting teeth replacement with dental implants but with the top dental implant surgeon in India, it can become a painless experience. This blog is curated for all such people to help debunk all myths associated with dental implant treatment. In this blog we will discuss the procedure, cost of dental implants and precautions to take after the surgery.

What Exactly is Dental Implant Surgery?

It is a procedure in which tooth roots are replaced with metal – screw-like posts and damaged or missing teeth are replaced with artificial teeth that function just like real ones. This surgery offers a welcoming option for dentures or the bridgework that does not fit well and also offers an alternative when there is a lack of natural teeth roots that don’t allow for building dentures.

How is the surgery done?

Dental implants require more than just one surgical procedure, a thorough evaluation is carried out to prepare for the process. This includes:

– A comprehensive dental exam which includes X-ray and 3D imaging of the tooth so that models of your tooth/teeth and jaw can be created.

– Review the patient’s medical history so that the dentist is aware of any over-the-counter drugs the patient takes or if there is any health condition that can cause infection. Review is also done so that the dentist can offer antibiotics to prevent infection

– Once the dental examination and review are done, the treatment plan is decided. This takes various factors into consideration such as how many teeth need to be replaced, strength of the jawbone and the condition of the remaining teeth.

Note: To control pain, local or general anaesthesia can be given to the patient depending upon what’s best for the patient.

Post-Surgery Precautions

There are a few precautionary steps and oral health care steps which you need to undertake for the effective healing of the site of surgery.

– Medication: When you get dental implants, your dentist will provide you with a set of medication, antibiotics, and pain killers for healing and relieving the swelling and associated pain. This should be followed regularly or for the prescribed amount of time for appropriate recovery.

– Diet: On the day of surgery, it is recommended to take only soft foods and plenty of liquids. Until the implant is completely healed, hard food substances should be completely avoided.

– Bleeding and Swelling: A little swelling and bleeding are completely normal in the case of dental implants surgery. Swelling can be minimized by applying an ice pack when the swelling is at its peak.

– Dentist Visits: Make it a habit to be regular on your dentist visits. Keeping a track of your healing is extremely important after dental implant surgery.

Cost of Dental Implant Surgery

The cost of dental implant surgery falls between ₹ 35,000 to ₹ 50,000. This can vary depending upon the damage and the number of teeth to be replaced.
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Are Dental Implant Treatments Reliable?

Perhaps you are about to lose another tooth in a row. You’ve now decided to do something about your teeth and start considering the available dental treatments. You may have even heard about dental implants, and while they might seem the best- there is still some scepticism in the air.

And, you ask yourself a question, “ Are dental implants reliable?”

Now, as that is a reasonable question, this blog will help you get a clear picture of dental implants in your mind. Read on to know more-

For over 5 decades, dental implants have been providing people with a life-like and long-lasting alternative solution to conventional dentures and bridges. They have been widely used by people around the glove and their benefits have become more apparent. However, any kind of surgery can have certain side effects and complications. Although, in the case of dental implants, such instances are rare; however, if you take assistance from a top dental implant surgeon in India, the risks can be managed well. 

Below listed are some facts and risks associated with dental implant treatment in India-


Facts Associated with Dental Implants


Safe and well established- Dentists all over the world have placed their trust in dental implants for the replacement of missing teeth, and thereby, it is a safe and established treatment. It can also provide long-lasting results as long as the patient is willing to care for them. 

Biocompatible Usually, dental implants are made up of titanium, which is compatible with the human body. Therefore, there are zero chances of the body rejecting the metal implants. 

98% effective- As the dental implants treatment is tried, tested and honed for years, most risks have been minimized. Therefore, dental implants are 98% successful. 

Well-planned Before a dental implant is placed onto the tooth’s surface, there is a lot of planning that goes into it. A patient is required to undergo medical checks and various X-rays that ensure their oral health and overall well-being are good. Apart from this, due to advancements in technology, dentists have now started placing dental implants virtually to ensure accurate depth and trajectory.


Risks and problems associated with Dental implants include- 


Nerve Damage– If dental implants are replaced incorrectly, it could result in nerve damage that causes tingling, numbness or pain in the mouth structures. 

Infection- The occurrence of infection after placement of dental implants is in the hands of the patient. If you ensure following meticulous dental hygiene, you can avoid the case of infection. 


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