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When is A Gum Graft Surgery Required?
When is Gum Graft Surgery Required?

When is A Gum Graft Surgery Required?

Gum Graft surgery is recommended when your gums are receding and exposing the roots of your teeth. The gum recession and exposure of your root surface to the teeth can cause tooth decay. Further, it can make your teeth more sensitive and prone to abrasion. In this case, gum graft surgery becomes necessary to protect your teeth.

Gum recession is the process in which the surrounding tissue around the teeth is pulled away from the tooth. The recession can also cause damage to supporting bone. Also, the gum doctor (periodontist) can suggest Gum graft surgery to improve the appearance of your smile apart from gum recession. The Gum grafting procedure is also called the gingival draft.


The professional periodontist and the best dental implant surgeon in Delhi can offer the most cutting-edge treatment for gum recession. In gum graft surgery, the doctor will remove a piece of tissue from the nearby healthy gum tissue. And then attach it to the area where the gums have worn away or receded.


Reasons for getting a Gum Graft


Gum loss generally occurs due to dental or other health issues that need to be addressed to regain healthy gums. The most common cause of gum recession includes the following:


  • Brushing teeth too roughly
  • Aggressive orthodontic treatment
  • Trauma
  • Periodontal disease


The gum recession is widespread. It usually affects up to 12% of adults and is generally undetected until it gets severe. Most people don’t even notice that they have receding gums, as receding is a very slow process. But in the long run, the tooth becomes more exposed, causing extreme sensitivity to hot & cold food and beverages. If not promptly treated by the top dental implant surgeon in India, the recession can lead to permanent tooth loss.


Gum Grafting Surgery Procedure


After your appointment, your doctor will give you local anesthesia to numb the area where the gum grafting surgery is scheduled. In extreme cases, your doctor may also give you general anesthesia to make you unconscious during the surgery. This is generally not recommended because of the risk & side effects associated with general anesthesia. Depending on your specific needs, your dentist will perform one of the following:


Free gingival graft: In this, your doctor will remove a small portion of tissue from the roof of your mouth and suture(stitch) it to the area needing gum tissue. The free gingival graft is beneficial for patients whose gums are thin and require prevention from further recession.


Connective tissue graft: It is the most common graft used to treat the exposed root. A small flap is unfolded in the roof of your mouth and a piece of connective tissue is removed from the top layer of tissue. The doctor stitched this tissue to the gum tissue surrounding the exposed root.


Pedicle Graft: During this procedure, instead of taking the tissue from the palate, it is grafted from the tooth that needs repair. The doctor creates a flap(pedicle) of tissue next to the gum recession to cover it using the flap.


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