Travel Hacks for Invisible Braces Wearer

Travel Hacks for Invisible Braces Wearer

If you have opted for invisible braces, the journey to a beautiful, confident and aligned smile has already begun, and the destination is also not far away. But what happens when wanderlust strikes and you are ready to hit the road or explore some far-off places? With invisible braces, travelling is easy, but you must be prepared. We have enlisted a few travel hacks to make your journey as perfectly aligned as your teeth. Plus, we shall also explore invisible braces costs in Delhi and the top dental implant services in the city to keep you informed.

Packing Essentials for Invisible Braces Wearers

  • Travel-Sized Oral Hygiene Kit- Carry a compact toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and a small mirror to maintain your oral care routine on the go. 
  • Aligner Case- A protective case for your aligners will help keep them clean and safe.
  • Retainer Case- If you are in the later stages of your treatment, you might need a retainer. A sturdy retainer case is a must to keep it safe during your travels.  

Maintain Your Routine 

While travelling, it’s essential to stick to your routine. 

  • Hydration- Keep yourself well-hydrated, as a dry mouth can be uncomfortable with aligners. 
  • Cleaning- Clean your aligners and your teeth diligently, even if you are on the move. Brush and floss regularly.  

Plan Ahead

  • Check-In Luggage- To keep your aligners or retainers handy, pack them in your carry-on luggage. 
  • Extra Aligners- To be safe, get a spare set of aligners from your orthodontist for the trip. It’s better to be prepared if you lose or accidentally damage your current set. 
  • Research Dental Services- Know the local dental services at your destination. Search for top dental implant services in Delhi, and ask if they have branches where you travel. You may also research dental services and the related costs in case you are headed abroad. 

It’s time to discuss invisible braces cost In Delhi

The price may vary based on the provider, the complexity of your case, and the type of invisible braces you choose. In Delhi, you can find various options, from traditional Invisalign to more affordable alternatives. It’s advisable to consult experienced orthodontists or reputed dental clinics, get quotes and choose a provider that suits your budget and needs. Invisible braces cost In Delhi, from renowned dental clinics may seem a bit expensive, but the best care and effectiveness of treatment are assured. 

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The Relationship Between Tooth Gaps and Oral Health

best cosmetic dentist for gaps in teeth

Do you have a gap between your teeth that you feel conscious about? One side of you says you have joined the likes of Madonna, Anna Paquin, Michael Strahan, and Samuel L. Jackson. The other side says it is weird and hampers your smile. People may choose to be distinctive and feel that the tooth-gap adds to their individuality and charm. However, it is essential to note that these gaps, also known as diastema, are not just about the aesthetics of your smile but can also significantly impact oral health. This blog will delve into the relationship between tooth gaps and oral health and discuss the options provided by the best cosmetic dentist for gaps in teeth to address the concern.

Mind the Gap- An Aesthetic Point of View

Tooth gaps can vary in size or location. However, it is vital to consider the width of the gap and your level of oral health. A smile with noticeable gaps can affect self-esteem and confidence. Hence, opting for dental bonding, veneers, orthodontic solutions, and dental implant treatment in India can help in closing the gap and creating a more aesthetically pleasing smile.  

Beyond the Aesthetic Aspect- The Oral Health Perspective

  • Increased Risk of Gum Problems- Gaps between teeth can lead to gum issues. Food particles can become trapped, making it difficult to clean properly. This can result in gum inflammation, known as gingivitis, and, if left untreated, progress to more severe periodontal diseases. 
  • Misalignment and Bite Issues: Tooth gaps can contribute to misalignment problems, affecting your bite. An improper bite can lead to issues like TMJ disorders, headaches and excessive wear on teeth. 
  • Speech Difficulties: Sometimes, tooth gaps may lead to speech difficulties. Correcting these gaps can help improve pronunciation and overall speech. 
  • Dietary Impact: Depending on the size and location of the gaps, they can also affect your ability to chew food properly, potentially impacting your diet and overall nutrition.

Treatment Options to Fix Dental Gaps

  • Dental Bonding- Dental bonding is a non-invasive procedure where a tooth-coloured resin is applied to the gap and then sculpted and polished to match the surrounding teeth.  
  • Veneers and Crowns- Veneers are thin shells custom-made to cover the front surface of teeth. They are used to close gaps and improve the appearance of teeth. 
  • Braces- Braces or clear aligners like Invisalign can gradually move teeth into their proper positions and close moderate to large gaps. 
  • Dental Crowns– Crowns can close gaps by covering the adjacent teeth on either side of the gap. 
  • Dental Implants- Dental implants are a permanent solution to replace missing teeth and can be used to close gaps. A titanium post is implanted into the jawbone, and a crown is placed on top, filling the gap. Dental implant treatment in India is preferred when a tooth is missing, and the gap is not due to natural spacing. 


The choice of treatment depends on factors such as the size of the gap, the patient’s oral health, budget, and personal preferences. It is essential to consult with a reliable and expert dentist or orthodontist to determine the most suitable option for your specific situation.  

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All You Need to know About Deep Cleaning

deep cleaning

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is a must for every individual. To achieve this, our routine includes brushing our teeth twice daily and using an antimicrobial mouthwash. 

Although brushing your teeth helps maintain healthy teeth and gums, it must not be the only method to keep your teeth clean.

Regular dental cleanings with the top dental implant services in Delhi or a nearby place are crucial to having sparkling white teeth and maintaining a healthy, bright smile. For those who may not know, dental cleanings are performed at diverse levels. While standard cleaning aims to remove plaque and bacteria from a patient’s mouth, deep cleaning is required when bacteria attack below the gum line and gums need to be restored. Deep cleaning, also known as Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing, is recommended to clean areas where toothbrushes can’t clean tartar and germs.

Let’s take a closer look at what deep cleaning is, its types and signs & symptoms. 

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a procedure that involves the mouth’s thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach areas, such as the roots and pockets located at the tooth base. At times, tartar tends to form at the tooth roots and areas surrounding the exterior. Tartar, if not cleaned at regular intervals, can cause bacterial infections. To avoid such circumstances, the best cosmetic dentist in Delhi uses periodontal scaling and root planing. It is an advanced technique used to remove built-up tartar below the gum line. Please note that if manual scraping isn’t able to remove the tartar, an ultrasonic device may be used to achieve better results.

Types of Deep Cleaning Procedures

  • Preventive Deep Cleaning: 

Preventive deep cleaning is a procedure used to reduce any risk of developing gum diseases. This procedure can also be employed on patients who have periodontal disease. Additionally, it plays a role in mitigating potential complications.

  • Therapeutic Deep Cleaning: 

This procedure serves the same purpose as preventive deep cleaning but is considered more invasive. It can also be employed in patients with periodontal disease and helps reduce complications. 

Signs and Symptoms that Suggest You Need Deep Cleaning

  • Bleeding of gums while brushing or when eating hard fruits
  • Red, tender, swollen gums
  • Gums start pulling away from the teeth
  • The presence of an unpleasant taste in the mouth, which goes away after brushing
  • The tooth becomes loose and separates from other teeth when you start developing the gingival disease
  • Denture’s fitting becomes altered

Is the Procedure Painful?

Deep cleaning may lead to discomfort to some level. However, as dentists use anaesthetic on the patient to numb their gums, the procedure leads to no pain. After the treatment, as the anaesthetic wears off, you might experience pain, swelling, sensitivity and minor bleeding. 

You will also be required to perform home care instructions. To prevent new infections from developing and faster healing, it is suggested to visit the best cosmetic dentist in Delhi.

If you have any of the symptoms listed above or feel that your teeth require a deep cleaning procedure, connect with us at Dr Kathuria’s Dentistry. We offer the best dental services in Delhi! Call us at our toll-free number, 1800-11-7272 or drop an email to book an appointment or get assistance for your dental problems today!

Why Do Some Root Canal Treatments Take Two Visits?

Root Canal Treatments

A visit to the dentist can sometimes be anxiety-inducing, especially when you’re facing the prospect of a root canal treatment. Root canals are often associated with pain and discomfort, but they are crucial for saving a tooth with severe infection or damage. When you visit the best dentist for tooth extraction in Delhi, you may sometimes be called for two sessions, while others are completed in one session. Wondering why? This blog is for you. We’ll explore why some root canal treatments require two visits and why this approach is sometimes necessary for dental health.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

When the tooth’s pulp becomes infected due to severe decay, it becomes crucial to remove the pulp. After deeply removing the pulp, an appropriate material can prevent the further appearance of infection. This entire process is called “root canal treatment”. 

Why Do Some Root Canals Require Two Visits? 

In some cases, the infection within the tooth can be quite complex. It may involve multiple canals or anatomical variations that make it challenging to completely clean and disinfect during a single visit. So, during the second visit, your dentist will clean the tooth canals as thoroughly as possible and insert drugs inside the tooth structure. Once the remaining bacteria inside the tooth have been eliminated, the dentist will start you on a course of antibiotics. You will need to visit your dentist again after your course of antibiotics is through so they can finish the root canal procedure completely.

What Happens on the Second Visit?

  • Your dentist can use local anesthetic to make sure the tooth is numb
  • After this, the dentist will easily remove the prior temporary material that was used to fill in the tooth
  • The canal will be examined to see that they are clean
  • If required, your dentist might use more medicines to inject into the canals
  • Following this procedure, the canals are dried, and X-rays are taken 
  • Fill the cleaned and disinfected canals with a biocompatible material called gutta-percha.
  • Seal the access opening with a permanent filling or crown to restore the tooth’s functionality and protect it from future damage.

Is a Root Canal second Visit painful?

Compared to the first visit of the root canal treatments that you underwent, the second visit is quite simple and easy to perform. This is because your dentist has already cleared the infection from the tooth structure. Furthermore, the nerve tissue was previously removed on the initial visit, which helps in reducing discomfort. As a result, numbing the tooth the second time is much simpler.

Is the Crown safe after the Root canal?

A crown is considered a safe method to prevent the tooth from breaking down and fracturing in the future. After the root canal treatment, many patients experience broken teeth, especially those who don’t go for dental crowns. As a result, this may also lead to dental extraction and make the tooth non-restorable.

Make a Root Canal Appointment Right Away

Now you know the importance of root canal treatment in maintaining oral hygiene. So, if you’re looking for the best dentist for tooth extraction in Delhi, Dr. Puneet Kathuria at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry has got you covered. With years of experience, our doctors can successfully treat and resolve dental problems in a single visit. Book your appointment today, and let us handle your needs for root canal therapy.