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Benefits Of Wearing Clear Aligners

Benefits Of Wearing Clear Aligners

Our smile is what makes us unique. As the famous saying goes – “a smile is the only curve that sets everything straight”, however, people don’t give enough credit to their beautiful smiles. Do you know that in a self-reported survey, it has been found that over 25% of people avoid smiling due to any prevailing condition or just how their teeth appear? Isn’t that something to worry about?

Several conditions, such as misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, or even missing teeth, make people extremely conscious about how they appear in front of others. Most people are worried about how to correct gummy smile without any excruciating pain and time-consuming methods. This is where clear aligners come to play. What are clear aligners, you may ask? We have all seen the age-old metallic braces. These have been used for decades and are extremely helpful in correcting misaligned teeth.

The latest addition to the list of teeth correction is clear aligners. These are less noticeable than the traditional braces but help achieve similar results. For people who wish to improve their smile and teeth alignment, clear aligners do the work! There are several benefits associated with the use of clear aligners. Have a look at some of the benefits of wearing clear aligners:

Improved Comfort Level 

Clear aligners, rightfully, have changed the perception of people towards the comfort level while wearing braces. As these allow the patients to remove them anytime, it will enable comfort while eating, sleeping, and cleaning.

Shorter Treatment Duration 

When compared to traditional dental braces, aligners are less time-consuming. It takes around 18-20 months for the complex treatment to be resolved. This directly means that the treatment duration is lesser than other alternatives.

Enhanced Safety 

As you must have seen before, dental braces contain a lot of dental appliances such as elastics, brackets, mental wires, etc. It can become uncomfortable as well as agonising for patients. Not only does it cause discomfort in the mouth, but it can even result in severe pain at times. Clear aligners can be a perfect solution for dental problems with enhanced safety. They help in avoiding any possible issues which are generally caused due to metal braces. These are also open invitations to gum diseases and decay.

Not Noticeable at All 

If you are worried about how to treat gummy smile but don’t want to get braces, go for clear aligners. These transparent and clear aligners make them a better alternative than conventional metal braces. So, are you ready to ditch the awkward smile correction methods and switch to a comfortable, presentable, and safer tooth alignment alternative?

Dr Kathuria’s Dentistry is the right destination for all your smile makeovers. With the best expertise in the nation, we have an incredible team of dentists who can provide customised solutions to your oral problems. Under the supervision of Dr Sween Kathuria, you can get the right treatment for all your dental issues and get the cosmetic smile makeover that you deserve. Visit us and book your appointment with us today!

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