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Pull Your Tooth or Save It? What is the Ideal Option?

Pull Your Tooth or Save It? What is the Ideal Option?

Infection in a tooth may make you feel like getting it pulled is the last choice. However, it is still not the best choice considered by doctors. Whenever possible, you must always look for options to save your tooth rather than have it pulled. Let us know more about it from Dr. Puneet Kathuria.

Nothing can replace how a natural tooth looks, feels, and functions. At times, when it is infected or a disease, it requires additional care. While it may cause a lot of pain and lead you to consider extraction as the last option. It is not!

Whenever possible, it is advised to consider treatments to save your teeth. You may be wondering why not get a tooth pulled, especially when it won’t be visible. But you will know that a tooth is missing, and it will impact the quality of your life. Pulling a tooth is only advisable when it is infected or damaged beyond repair and other options fail to be effective.

When to Pull your tooth?

In some cases, when a dentist simply can’t save a tooth, it needs to be removed. This can be the case if you have a very large cavity that weakens your tooth beyond repair by compromising too much of its structural integrity. Extraction can be the best choice if your tooth has a major fracture as well.

However, it should not be pulled if the case is not severe. You should not get them pulled because it is easier or more cost-effective for you. A missing tooth can lead other teeth to shift, affect your ability to chew properly and even ruin your smile. Furthermore, it is more painful than infection and replacing it will require frequent visits to the dentists.

When to save your tooth?

Your dentist may be able to save your tooth if enough of the tooth structure is healthy despite the damage. Although it may require care, most dentists will choose to keep your tooth over extracting it whenever possible because it is more durable than options like a bridge or dentures.

Root canal treatment is usually preferred by dentists to save teeth when they’re damaged, have dead pulp but are otherwise viable to the mouth. Apart from this, as modern endodontics offers various advancements in technologies, materials and procedures, there are many other treatment options for saving your natural teeth.

It is crucial for you to understand your choices and how they will have an impact on your teeth & future dental health. It is always the best choice to retain your natural teeth and endodontic treatment should be your first choice. Endodontists will evaluate your condition and provide the best treatment based on it.

Here are some tips for saving your teeth

  • When given a choice between root canal treatment and tooth extraction, always go for a root canal.
  • If you note any symptoms of swelling or pain in your teeth, act immediately. Endodontists also accommodate emergency cases, even on weekends.
  • Ask if root canal is an option if your dentist recommends a tooth extraction procedure.
  • If you’re being told that root canal is not an option, do ask the reason behind it.

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