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CBCT Scan: All You Need to Know
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CBCT Scan: All You Need to Know

Over the past 25 years, two-dimensional radiographs such as periapical and panoramic have been widely utilized. However, these 2D X-rays present certain issues, such as low-definition images, distortion, and superimposition, which can occasionally lead to inaccurate diagnoses. Previously, patients requiring more precise imaging were referred to medical (spiral) CT scans, which had drawbacks such as increased radiation exposure and longer procedure durations.

The advent of CBCT scans has revolutionized dental radiography and significantly enhanced the provision of personalized dental care. At Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry, Dr. Puneet Kathuria utilizes this advancement to deliver customized dental treatments. Discover more about the CBCT scan by further reading this blog.

What is a CBCT scan?
A CBCT scan, short for Cone Beam Computed Tomography, is a type of three-dimensional radiograph used in dental imaging. It shares similarities with the “CAT scan” technology employed in the medical field. However, CBCT scans utilize a cone-shaped beam to capture images of a specific area with reduced radiation exposure. Unlike 2D images, CBCT scans offer less distortion, enabling more accurate measurements of bone density, as well as the span of the bone.

Your dentist may recommend a CBCT scan in the following situations:

• Dental implants: CBCT scans provide an answer to how to correct teeth gaps of an individual by suggesting the accurate positions for planning and placement of dental implants.
• Assessment of relative bone quality: CBCT scans provide valuable information about bone quality, which is crucial for various dental procedures.
• Root canal treatment: CBCT scans offer clear and detailed views of root canals, aiding in precise diagnosis and treatment planning.
• Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ): CBCT scans can assist in diagnosing TMJ-related issues by providing a comprehensive view of the temporomandibular joint and surrounding structures.
• Impacted teeth: CBCT scans help assess the position of impacted teeth in relation to neighbouring structures like the mandibular nerve and maxillary sinus, aiding in treatment planning.
• Orthodontic treatment: CBCT scans are useful for evaluating facial structures and tooth alignment and identifying potential issues that may affect orthodontic treatment planning.

CBCT scans offer several benefits over 2D radiographs:

• High-definition images with exceptional details: CBCT scans provide high-quality images with enhanced clarity, allowing for better visualizationon of anatomical structures and pathologies.
• Multidimensional assessment: CBCT scans generate multiple images in various planes, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of the area of interest. This multidimensional assessment provides a complete understanding of the dental and skeletal structures.
• Accurate diagnosis and treatment planning: The detailed and three-dimensional nature of CBCT scans facilitates accurate diagnosis and precise treatment planning. Dentists analyze the images from different angles, measure bone density, assess the proximity of vital structures, and make informed decisions.
• Beneficial for guided surgeries: CBCT scans play a vital role in guided surgeries, such as implant placement. The three-dimensional information allows for precise preoperative planning, ensuring optimal implant positioning and minimizing complications.

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Looking for an answer to a dental problem but are yet to find a satisfactory response from any dental clinic? If so, experience the cutting-edge technology of CBCT scans at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry. Our state-of-the-art dental imaging offers high-definition, precise diagnostics, and treatment planning, ensuring personalized care. Whether you are searching for how to correct teeth gaps or have any other dental problem that needs to be addressed, our clinic ensures never to disappoint you. Dr. Puneet Kathuria, in combination with the CBCT scan, not only provides you with an accurate diagnosis but also offers a customized treatment plan considering your needs. Schedule your appointment today for exceptional dental care.

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