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Why Do Some Root Canal Treatments Take Two Visits?
Root Canal Treatments

Why Do Some Root Canal Treatments Take Two Visits?

A visit to the dentist can sometimes be anxiety-inducing, especially when you’re facing the prospect of a root canal treatment. Root canals are often associated with pain and discomfort, but they are crucial for saving a tooth with severe infection or damage. When you visit the best dentist for tooth extraction in Delhi, you may sometimes be called for two sessions, while others are completed in one session. Wondering why? This blog is for you. We’ll explore why some root canal treatments require two visits and why this approach is sometimes necessary for dental health.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

When the tooth’s pulp becomes infected due to severe decay, it becomes crucial to remove the pulp. After deeply removing the pulp, an appropriate material can prevent the further appearance of infection. This entire process is called “root canal treatment”. 

Why Do Some Root Canals Require Two Visits? 

In some cases, the infection within the tooth can be quite complex. It may involve multiple canals or anatomical variations that make it challenging to completely clean and disinfect during a single visit. So, during the second visit, your dentist will clean the tooth canals as thoroughly as possible and insert drugs inside the tooth structure. Once the remaining bacteria inside the tooth have been eliminated, the dentist will start you on a course of antibiotics. You will need to visit your dentist again after your course of antibiotics is through so they can finish the root canal procedure completely.

What Happens on the Second Visit?

  • Your dentist can use local anesthetic to make sure the tooth is numb
  • After this, the dentist will easily remove the prior temporary material that was used to fill in the tooth
  • The canal will be examined to see that they are clean
  • If required, your dentist might use more medicines to inject into the canals
  • Following this procedure, the canals are dried, and X-rays are taken 
  • Fill the cleaned and disinfected canals with a biocompatible material called gutta-percha.
  • Seal the access opening with a permanent filling or crown to restore the tooth’s functionality and protect it from future damage.

Is a Root Canal second Visit painful?

Compared to the first visit of the root canal treatments that you underwent, the second visit is quite simple and easy to perform. This is because your dentist has already cleared the infection from the tooth structure. Furthermore, the nerve tissue was previously removed on the initial visit, which helps in reducing discomfort. As a result, numbing the tooth the second time is much simpler.

Is the Crown safe after the Root canal?

A crown is considered a safe method to prevent the tooth from breaking down and fracturing in the future. After the root canal treatment, many patients experience broken teeth, especially those who don’t go for dental crowns. As a result, this may also lead to dental extraction and make the tooth non-restorable.

Make a Root Canal Appointment Right Away

Now you know the importance of root canal treatment in maintaining oral hygiene. So, if you’re looking for the best dentist for tooth extraction in Delhi, Dr. Puneet Kathuria at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry has got you covered. With years of experience, our doctors can successfully treat and resolve dental problems in a single visit. Book your appointment today, and let us handle your needs for root canal therapy. 


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