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Best Teeth Whitening Treatment at New Delhi
Teeth Whitening

Best Teeth Whitening Treatment at New Delhi

Teeth Whitening Works Very Well For All The Cosmetic Dental Procedures

At Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry, we provide best Teeth Whitening dental treatment. Based at New Delhi, it’s a premier Dental Treatment setup serving patients for last 20 years. We provide all the latest cosmetic dental procedures including Teeth Whitening In India. It is a procedure which is fast emerging as a valuable cosmetic dentistry option for a bright smile.

The most effective Teeth whitening is provided by the latest Zoom Teeth Whitening procedures which is a comfortable 1 hr in office procedure. It effectively brightens the teeth up to 6-7 shades within 1 hr. It is a 25% peroxide gel which gets activated with the special activating light called the Zoom Chair side light. It is relatively safe procedure than other over the counter products available & causes much less sensitivity than other Chair side whitening systems available in the markets or in the dental office.

Teeth Whitening is a gratifying procedure for all the cases where the natural teeth are well formed & well aligned & the only worry is the dark/yellow colorTeeth Whitening works very well for all the Cosmetic Dental procedures like Smile Makeover with Ceramic Veneers & Metal Free Crowns. It brightens up the teeth & adjuncts well with the cosmetic dental procedures.

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