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Why Dental Implant Bridges Better Than Dentures?
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Why Dental Implant Bridges Better Than Dentures?

With the advancement in the usage of advanced technology in the field of dentistry, there is an increase in the evolvement of dental procedures for the welfare of smiles of patients. This has lead to introduction of different types of dental procedures. One of the in-demand dental procedures are dental implant bridges. In recent times, dental implants bridges are utilized more than the dentures due to a certain aspect of the former dental procedure. In this blog, you will find about the most appreciated benefits of the dental implant bridges over dentures.

  • Better retention: Retention of the dentures is one of the most significant issues in individuals who have missing teeth. Dental implant bridges prove to be useful in terms of retention as they are a permanent solution for missing teeth. At the time of chewing food or talking to an individual, there are high chances of full mouth or partial removable dentures to get displaced with the movement of the muscles and tongue, which is not the case with dental Implants bridges.
  • Healthy adjacent tooth: In case of dentures, adjacent tooth is affected especially in case of the partial dentures. In partial dentures, the adjacent tooth is used to take support, which may compromise it later. But in case of Implants dentures, they remain untouched.
  • Bone Preservation: Dental implants bridges prove to be helpful for the patients to make sure that bone preservation is maintained even in the absence of natural teeth. Implants bridge can be helpful in preserving the present bone in the mouth of the patient especially in case of elderly patients. Dentures do not aid in the maintenance of the preservation of bone in the patient leading to disuse atrophy
  • Aesthetics: Dental implant bridges are known as one of the best replacement for missing teeth due to their excellent aesthetic features in comparison to the traditional dentures. In case of traditional dentures, aesthetics cannot be maintained. But in case of implants bridges, maintenance of aesthetics occurs efficiently for several years after the completion of the placement of the dental bridges with implants.
  • Chewing efficiency: The Fixed teeth over dental implants have 85% more chewing efficeincy than the most well made dentures.
  • High success rate: Finally, you will be happy to know that dental bridges in India have got excellent success rates. Dental implant bridges have a higher percentage of success when compared to dentures. Even the patient satisfaction in recent times is much higher in case of dental bridges than dentures.


Thus, dental Implants bridges in India are in high demand due to their key features and benefits over other dental solutions such as dentures. If you have missing teeth, then you need to book an appointment with an experienced dentist as soon as possible and get your missing teeth treated. Prosthodontists like Dr.Puneet Kathuria have years of experience to take care of your Dental implants Bridges needs. He is available at one of the best dental implants clinic in India, Dr.Kathuria’s Dentistry. Call toll free at 1800-11-7272 for appointments.

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