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Teledentistry – The Future of Oral Health
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Teledentistry – The Future of Oral Health

In India and Worldwide people are suffering from oral health issues. To combat this issue the experts in the field of dentistry are turning towards a modern and practical approach. The method involves the use of telecommunication and information communications resulting in a new kind of dentistry called Teledentistry. Various programs providing virtual oral care service have been launched by dental clinics across the world using teledentistry. Since Teledentistry is still in its developing phase, therefore, both dentist and patients are yet to explore new possibilities that it may offer in the field of dentistry. The process of spreading awareness about teledentistry won’t be complete until there aren’t any visible results indicating the improvement of oral health in the world.

But what is Teledentistry?

As the name suggests teledentistry refers to the use of telecommunications and information technologies offering dental care services to a maximum number of people. The virtual care programs offered using teledentistry may involve educational videos spreading awareness about oral health, informative videos about minor dental issues and live consultation with dentists via video calling/conferencing.

Why Teledentistry?

There are three key reasons behind the introduction of teledentistry:

  • Educating People: The first purpose of teledentistry is to provide dental education. The educational data may target questions like—what is oral health, how to manage oral health, and best ways to keep gums and teeth healthy, etc.
  • Spreading Awareness: Here, the target is to spread awareness about oral health issues, causes of various types of oral and dental issues like – oral cancer, periodontitis, etc, and preventive measures that one may take to avoid such oral issues.
  • Consultation and Treatment: If you need urgent oral care but you are unable to reach your dentist then teledentistry is for you. There are times when the dentists have zero slots for you in their appointment book. In such cases, you may approach some other dentists for a consultation. The dentist may ask you to visit the dental clinic for further treatment but only if he/she finds that the issue is severe.

Scope of Teledentistry in India

  • Improving Oral Health: Teledentistry is a good option to reach people living in both rural and urban India. Educating people about oral health, spreading awareness about oral health issues and virtual care solution for dental consultation will surely improve the dental health of people.
  • Easy Consultation: You may consult any dentist for minor issues from anywhere anytime.
  • More Time, Less Crowd: Teledentistry may control the crowd in dental clinics by providing virtual consultation for minor issues. This will allow the dentists to have more time in hand to focus on patients with severe dental issues.
  • Second opinion: Validate your dental treatment plan by taking the expert second opinion from the best in the business.

Teledentistry in Delhi

There are very few dental clinics in India offering teledentistry services. It’s because teledentistry requires a proper setup of telecommunications and information technologies in order to function smoothly. Therefore, Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry is a dental setup that brings you Teledentistry in Delhi, India. If you are looking for the Teledentistry in India then you may visit https://www.delhidental.com/teledentistry/. The dental setup is equipped with the latest dental equipment and is known for its excellent dental services offered by highly experienced team of 7 dental specialists.

Get the best dental consultation from the comfort of your home of a predetermined time.

If you are an International Patient & wish to seek Dental Treatment in India, than Teledentistry / Online Consultation is the safe bet to understand your potential Dental Treatment, Visits & Costs involved. It always boosts your confidence when you can meet your potential doctors face to face & discuss your dental issues. The Teledentistry attempt by Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry from New Delhi, India is exactly conceptualized on these lines to provide you maximum benefits from the comfort of your home. Visit Teledentistry for more details.

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