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Here’s What No One Tells You About Pyorrhea Treatment
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Here’s What No One Tells You About Pyorrhea Treatment

You might have come across with the term “Pyorrhea”; it is a technical term that is used in dental world to describe gums disease. Another name of Pyorrhea is bleeding gums. When the gums health starts decaying and there is inflammation in the gums, then this condition occurs. In this condition the blood vessels under the gums widens and get ruptured easily. When the patient suffers from this medical condition they experience severe pain while chewing food and eating. The gums of the patient become very sensitive to spicy, cold and hot food. So, in most of the cases the patient needs to compromise with their regular diet and this causes deficiency diseases. If adolescent girls or pregnant women become victim of this ailment, then they may suffer from iron deficiency anemia. This ailment is also related with vitamin-C deficiency. In severe cases gum disease and tooth loss is common. So, it is always advisable to seek medical attention in early stage so as to combat against the ailment and get rid from it quickly. We at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry offer different types of Pyorrhea treatments by considering the severity and oral health of the patients.

Pyorrhea Treatment

We are well equipped with dental specialists who have decades of experience in treating this ailment. If the condition is diagnosed at early stage, then our dentist can easily treat the condition and repair the damaged gums. But, the teeth that are damaged cannot be repaired, especially if high level of Pyorrhea set in.

Along with the treatment we offer for this medical condition, the patients also need to follow the advice given by our expert dental specialists. It is important for the patients brush the gum lines properly and do floss between the teeth for at least two times a day. The patients with Pyorrhea need to brush their teeth gently with some high quality brushes. They need to brush the gum lines properly for at least 3 minutes. Floss is also equally important that the patients need to do regularly along with brushing their teeth. Floss between the teeth is very important.

If the patient with Pyorrhea fails to follow the advice given by your expert dental specialists then it may result in gum infection and tooth loss. In severe cases the patients also suffer from red and swollen gums and the teeth of the patients become more sensitive. Besides, their mouth starts giving strong bad breath. So, if you want to have beautiful looking teeth forever, then brushing and floss between the teeth is the ultimate gum treatment for this ailment. When you have any symptom of this condition, it is better to seek medical attention immediately and use anti bacterial mouthwash and brush your teeth regularly.

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