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It’s Time to Say Goodbye to These Myths About Dental Implants
It's time to say goodbye to these myths about dental implants

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to These Myths About Dental Implants

Implant dentistry no longer comes under general dentistry. Earlier, it was considered as a branch of dentistry that deals in implanting a missing tooth or the whole denture. Gradually, the field has progressed and nowadays many people are opting for undergoing an implant dentistry treatment to improve their smile and appearance. Thus, it has acquired a place in cosmetic dentistry. Undergoing such a treatment will mean improving your overall personality and giving you a reason to smile freely and feel confident. Specialists like Dr. Puneet Kathuria treats such cases from past 23 years very smoothly to return your million-dollar smile! However, there are some common myths concerning dental implants dentistry, and this makes people intimidated and keeps people confused from trying these treatments to enhance their looks.


Some common myths related to implant dentistry are discussed here by Dr. Puneet Kathuria: –


  • Dental implants have rigorous care needs– The dental implants are designed to work as your original teeth. These are structured to meet your needs and thus need only as much maintenance as required by your natural teeth. All that is required is to brush properly and floss regularly.


  • The procedure is very painful– Modern implant dentistry is executed under anesthesia so there is virtually no pain. It also depends a great deal on the expertise of the dentist as properly done implants are less painful. Though during recovery, slight pain/ discomfort can be experienced around the affected area which is taken care by mild painkillers for a day or two.


  • It is a pricey process– Dental implants may be relatively costly but it is a one-time investment for getting healthy teeth for a lifetime. A dental bridge can also be considered as an alternative to these, but unlike dental implants, the bridge needs to be replaced after a few years, which will surely have additional costs. Dental health and hygiene are a part of your overall health and needs due consideration. Dental Implants in South Delhi can be of different price range between 25000/-INR to 55000/-INR depending on host of factors.


  • Implants are for elderly– Though loss of teeth generally occurs in old age yet it is not important that these procedures can only be undertaken by the elderly. Anybody above 18-20 years can choose to have a dental implant if he/ she wants to get a perfect smile.


  • It is a lengthy process– It completely depends upon the condition of the patient’s teeth. Your dental implant procedure may need a few days / months to complete or it may be done in few sittings with your dentist as well. With the advancements taking place in this field, various short and more convenient methods are being introduced.



  • The therapy is essential when you have a feeling of discomfort or pain-

There are people who ignore the condition of their teeth in the initial stages. They visit root canal centers only when their pearly whites have been damaged considerably. It is essential that people understand that sooner the treatment is opted for, the better for their oral health. It is not necessary that patients have to wait for a sharp, stinging pain or discomfort in order to seek treatment.


  • The choice of the dentist doesn’t matter– A periodontist / Prosthodontist / Oral Surgeon/Experienced dental surgeon is a dentist specialized in implant dentistry. As implant dentistry is a field of restorative dentistry, a good deal of it depends upon the expertise of the specialist you choose. A long-term experience of a specialist like Dr. Puneet Kathuria will serve him to give you the most desirable results.


Everything that concerns your health should be treated without delay. Else, simple issues might turn into major problems later. Therefore, if you find your pearly whites are decaying, or you sense a mild pain after having ice-cream or hot cappuccino, have a word with your dentist. But before opting for the procedure, you should ask your dentist to give you a clear idea of what results to expect from the procedure. If you still have any doubts regarding dental implants then you must quickly connect with our specialist Dr. Puneet Kathuria, one of India’s best dental implants specialist from past 23 years.

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