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Immediate Dental Treatment in India
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Immediate Dental Treatment in India

The problem of Erosion of teeth is a vast & extensive problem, which requires immediate Dental Treatment in India, specially.

The factors which cause this problem include the heavy consumption of Citrus fruits like Oranges & lemon, Yogurt, Citric & Soft Drinks. Their improper consumption & overuse may lead to devastating & permanent damage of the tooth structure caused by the ill effects of acids on to the enamel of the tooth, leading to Tooth Erosion.

Soft Drinks, which contain acids, breaks down the enamel by dissolving the mineral part of it, thereby thinning the tooth structure. Once it dissolves the enamel, the next layer, Dentin becomes exposed, leading to severe symptoms requiring immediate Dental Treatment in India specifically.

Dr. Kathuria, who does the Dental Treatment in India for such problems, recommends patients who eat & drink an acidic food & beverage to wait for about 15-20 min, let the acidic effect be minimal & then brush properly. Also, frequent consumption of foods which are low in ph like fruit juice, pickles, fresh citrus fruits, yogurt, lemon sucking habits etc should be avoided. If hot & cold foods & beverages cause pain & Sensitivity, it indicates tooth erosion & Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry can provide Dental Treatment in India for such a kind of problem.

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