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Gingivitis Treatment at New Delhi, India
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Gingivitis Treatment at New Delhi, India

Gingivitis is an ailment related to gums. In this condition the gums surrounding the teeth become swollen and red. This condition falls under the category of periodontal disease that may affect the tissues surrounding the teeth including bone, soft tissues, and gums. In some severe cases the gums also receded and the condition may also damage the teeth permanently. This condition is mainly caused due to poor oral hygiene, formation of periodontitis and gum diseases. Depending upon the severity of the condition, the dental specialists at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry offer gingivitis treatment. There are different types of treatments available ranging from non-surgical to surgical and extraction of damaged teeth.

The initial phase of gingivitis treatment is to visit our clinic based in New Delhi, India; where our dental specialists will do check-up thoroughly of your gums and teeth.

During the check-up, our dental specialists will perform the following:

  • The teeth of the patients will be cleaned professional which is a part of the treatment
  • Checking the formation of tartar on the teeth of the patients, including the gum line
  • Checking dental hygiene levels and formation of plaque
  • Detecting if there is any bleeding in the gums
  • Checking the severity of gingivitis and other periodontal diseases
  • Detecting teeth mobility
  • X-ray if required to gather further details

By considering the severity and degree of the disease, our dental specialists will offer necessary treatments. You might be area with the fact that this condition is a reversible disease. Enhancing the oral hygiene as directed by our dentists and with thorough professional cleaning, the problem can be alleviated till certain extent and help you to get rid from the disease quickly.

But, if the case is quite serious, then you will need medical attention to overcome from this medical condition. Remember, there is no such permanent treatment to reverse or treat the disease completely. Instead, the treatments offer by our dental specialists will hinder and slow down the progression of the disease. But, if the disease kept untreated, then the condition may become more serious and complicated later. So, it is better to seek for medical attention at early stage to avoid complications associated with the disease.

Root Planning and scaling is the initial treatment for gingivitis. In this procedure tartar and plaque are removed from surrounding surfaces and gum line. With root planning the gum lines will become smoother and it will become easier for you to clean the surface regularly. Therefore, there will be no chance of plaque build up if you clean regularly.

In severe cases, the dental specialists will recommend gum surgery in combination of antibiotics. In the surgical procedure, the dentists will clean the surface better and reshape the tissues. If the dentist discovers that the teeth have hopeless prognosis, then extraction is the only remedy for such situation.

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