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When to Consult A Dentist For Your Teeth Cleaning and Whitening?
Dr. Puneet Kathuria

When to Consult A Dentist For Your Teeth Cleaning and Whitening?

The two most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry are teeth whitening and teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning is a procedure to remove built-up plaque and bacteria from the tooth surface. On the other hand, teeth whitening is a method to enhance and maintain the natural colour of the teeth. So, to ensure better oral hygiene and keep your smile bright, teeth cleaning and whitening must be done regularly by visiting the best dentist like Dr. Puneet Kathuria in Delhi. 

So, if you’re going for teeth whitening and cleaning, this blog will give you an insight into the benefits and the right time to consult a dentist. Read out to learn more. 

4 Major Benefits Of Teeth Whitening and Cleaning

  • Prevents Tooth Discolouration

Tooth discolouration can be caused by various reasons, such as regular habits of drinking & smoking, taking certain medications, ageing, and many more. So, it is crucial to prevent these discolourations and to get a brighter and whiter smile. This also helps to maintain oral hygiene and eliminate further oral issues. 

  • Boosts Self-confidence

Having a compliment-worthy smile will definitely make your day. An attractive smile helps you to feel more confident and improve your social life. To achieve the best smile, you can connect with Dr. Puneet Kathuria at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry. 

  • Improves Oral Hygiene

Maintaining oral hygiene is of utmost importance to prevent and eliminate various types of diseases such as gum diseases, teeth aches, and many more. So, why not start with teeth cleaning and whitening? These procedures are the best way to remove accumulated plaque and prevent tooth decay, bad breath, and many more. 

  • Detecting a tooth cavity or decay

During the teeth cleaning and whitening appointment, the dentist can easily detect the signs of teeth cavities and various other common issues such as decay and infections. This will help you to save your teeth and get the treatment at the right time. In fact, your dentist will also ensure that there is no residual that nullifies the entire white cleaning and whitening process. 

When is the right time for teeth cleaning and whitening?

As mentioned above, teeth cleaning ensures the removal of any kind of debris or tartar from the teeth and helps to maintain good oral hygiene. However, if you think you have gingivitis or cavities, you must consult your dentist every three months. For most people, it is always recommended to schedule teeth cleaning twice a year.

In contrast, Teeth whitening is a procedure to be done whenever you want after a regular cleaning appointment. In fact, you might be required to visit multiple sessions to understand the level of discolouration and stain. You can discuss it with your dentist to know the right time for teeth whitening

The Bottom Line

Now, it is crystal clear that regular checkups with your dentist are essential to maintain good oral health. You can also visit Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry and keep up with the proper oral hygiene. Whether you’re looking for Dental Implant or instant teeth whitening in South Delhi, our experienced doctors ensure to provide you with safe and successful treatments. 

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