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What Your Teeth Can Tell About Your Health?
What Your Teeth Can Tell About Your Health

What Your Teeth Can Tell About Your Health?

Your mouth has a lot to say, both physically and figuratively speaking. Despite your beliefs, your teeth and gums can indicate early warning signals of significant health disorders throughout your body, including dementia, heart disease, and lung cancer. Dental problems such as pale gums, tooth loss, changes in tooth colour, sensitivity, or translucency can provide clues to underlying health issues that may need immediate attention. Thus, it is crucial to find out how your oral health is related to your overall health.

In addition, a dentist can also predict your other health issues if you’re visiting their clinic for “how to correct teeth gaps“, teeth cleaning or any other dental problem. If you wish to know about the types of medical conditions associated with your teeth, this blog can be beneficial. Read more to find out. 

  • Pale Gums and Anaemia

Anaemia, which is frequently brought on by an iron deficiency, can result in pale gums. While the colour of gums usually varies from person to person but if paleness accompanies sore, swollen and ulcerated gums, then it is possible to have Anaemia. If all these symptoms occur frequently, a follow-up visit with a doctor can offer clear solutions and peace of mind.

  • Stress and Teeth Grinding

If you feel stressed or depressed, there can be a higher risk for oral health problems. Stressed people produce high cortisol levels, which can be problematic for your gums and body. Stress is also one of the main reasons for poor oral care. In fact, more than 50% forget to brush, and floss, and this can be a cause of dental issues. On the other hand, a few bad habits of smoking, drinking alcohol, and teeth grinding in stressful situations can cause oral issues. 

  • Eating Disorder

Yes, your dentist may be the first to identify the right symptoms of an eating disorder. According to studies, the frequent contact of teeth with bile acid causes up to 89% of bulimic patients to exhibit evidence of tooth erosion. Your teeth’s colour, shape, length, sensitivity, and other characteristics may vary as a result of this enamel loss over time.

  • Osteoporosis

Our bones may deteriorate as we age due to a condition called osteoporosis. This condition causes brittle bones; many old people may shatter a bone after slipping and falling. Some of the most common symptoms of osteoporosis are loose teeth, receding of gums because of tissue loss, and many more. However, your dentist can easily catch the symptoms of osteoporosis by just assessing your teeth.

  • Dementia

Poor oral hygiene is one of the early indicators of dementia since patients frequently forget whether or not they have brushed their teeth. It is believed the bacteria that causes gum disease could be able to travel to the brain and cause cognitive problems in senior patients. As a result, poor oral hygiene may actually increase your risk of dementia in the first place. 

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