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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Night Guards
Night Guard

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Night Guards

In today’s time, there are various types of dental solutions to different kinds of dental problems. A night guard is one of the latest inventions utilized in the dental treatments successfully in case of the patients who have the habit of grinding or clenching their teeth. This ensures that the present clenching condition of the patient is controlled well on time and cured permanently. Clenching leads to various long-term effects on the teeth. Continuous grinding of the teeth erodes the enamel of the teeth with time, thereby degrading the overall condition of the tooth. In severe cases, the blood supply to the pulp of the teeth is also affected. This leads to significant effects on the teeth of the patients in the long term.


A night guard is created in the horseshoe shape to adapt well to the natural teeth alignment. This ensures that the teeth are protected from grinding forces and prevent direct contact with the teeth in the opposite quadrant. Before the usage of the night guards, the patient’s oral health and teeth conditions are checked thoroughly. Then the respective dental defects are treated well with the required dental treatments. Then the night guards are recommended, and respective dental treatments are provided to the patient. The night guard treatments are quite useful for patients with unintentional clenching habits especially during sleep or when an individual is stressed.


These days there are several types of night guards available according to the case and requirements of the patients. Custom fitted night guards are quite popular these days as they are comfortable for every patient and are created based on the dentition of the patient. These night guards ensure relive from pain on clenching of the teeth. There are several benefits of the custom fitted night guards. It provides an appreciating support and cushion for the muscles and prevents excessive functioning of the muscles. It also cures the discomfort from the excessive functioning of the teeth and muscles. When the muscles are relaxed, it helps the individual to sleep peacefully without getting stressed. Custom fitted night guards are now preferred over the traditional night guards due to the improved and comfortable features. One of the essential aspects of the night guards is that if they are adequately maintained, then they can be successfully utilized nearly for four to five years without any significant complaints. Thus, night guards ensure to solve the grinding problems for individuals of different ages.

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