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Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Teeth grinding is one of the most commonly faced dental problems among patients across different parts of the world. You will often find individuals around you clenching their teeth knowingly or unknowingly. Grinding of teeth is also known as bruxism. Bruxism can be successfully treated if it is diagnosed quite early. In this article, you will find various aspects of teeth grinding starting from diagnosis of the teeth grinding condition to the treatment of teeth grinding.

Causes of teeth grinding:

Teeth grinding is caused because of the following factors based on the same. This is divided into awake and sleep bruxism.

Awake bruxism is mainly caused due to a range of emotions. This primarily includes stress, frustration or even excessive anger. At times, teeth grinding can also occur due to increased concentration levels in an individual.

Sleep bruxism is very common these days. It occurs at the unconscious level in an individual.

Symptoms of teeth grinding:

  • Increased sounds of teeth grinding which is audible to the nearby individual.
  • Chipped off teeth parts.
  • Feeling of pain in the jaws and around the teeth in the daytime.
  • Increased feeling of a dull headache.
  • Feeling more sleepy than routine due to deprived sleep.

If you note a few or all of these symptoms, then make sure that you visit your dentist as soon as possible. In case, you notice any of these symptoms in your child then make it a point to mention it during the next dental appointment.

Teeth Grinding treatment:

Teeth grinding or bruxism needs to be addressed and recognized before it’s too late. The most critical point about teeth grinding is that the individual himself needs to be aware of the fact that he clenches his teeth on a regular basis now. The treatment of the teeth grinding condition depends on the type of teeth grinding as mentioned above.

  •  Deal with stress: Stress is one of the unavoidable sources in one’s life. Also, it is one of the most proven reasons for the occurrence of grinding and clenching of teeth. Therefore, it is essential that one deals with stress positively and effectively. One can seek help from a professional to de-stress himself and prevent any further severe consequences of stress. Also, timely massage of your face, especially around jaws, calms the excessive functioning of the jaws after a certain period.
  • Mouth guards: Mouth guards are much essential and one of the most utilized treatments for the successful functioning of the teeth in a necessary way. For the best results and speedy recovery from teeth grinding condition of the patient, customized mouth guards are in high demand in the recent years, and it has lead to increased chances of cure of the state of teeth grinding. Along with improved functionality of the teeth, the patient also feels much comfortable than expected.


Thus, these are certain crucial aspects of teeth grinding procedure which need to understood and implemented with care.

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