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Medical Vacations in India
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Medical Vacations in India

Medical Tourism is a concept or practice of travelling across international borders to obtain health care- be it a medical, dental or a cosmetic treatment. In the 21st century this fast growing phenomenon of medical vacations is fast changing the conventional concept of health care.

Today the perfect way to recover from an ailment is to combine quality treatment with a great vacation. The idea is that getting away from the daily routines into a different surrounding, close to nature helps you relax better.

With the health care costs skyrocketing in the developed countries, medical treatment has become a costly affair. Patients in these developed nations are increasingly looking for treatment options in countries like India, which offer similar or even better medical services at rates that are much more affordable.

And when these cheaper quality alternatives of treatment are combined with an inexpensive vacation package, it becomes an ideal healing experience. It’s a perfect way to renew your mind, body and soul.

Another reason that has led to the growth of medical tours is the long delay and waiting period for certain medical treatments in some countries. While in US you might have a waiting period of several months for certain surgical operations, in India it is done in a few weeks. People prefer to travel to India for such treatments, than wait for years in their home country and bear the inconvenience.

Moreover the ease and affordability of international travel, rapidly improving technology and high standards of medical care has all contributed their share in increasing the popularity of medical tourism in India.

This process of Healthcare tourism in India is being facilitated by the corporate sector in the medicine industry along with the tourism industry in the public and private sector. There are several medical tourism packages in India that promise you a world-class treatment along with an exotic holiday experience. They help you get the perfect mix of health, wellness, relaxation and fun.

India has some of the best healthcare professionals, and best treatment options available, and this fact is now known the world over. Millions of people travel across the globe and come to India every year to get treatments and enjoy their holidays. And when it comes to dental treatments, in particular, there is no better choice than Dr. Kathuria’s Dental Clinic. Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry with its state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff promises you a world-class treatment.

So next time you suffer from an ailment think about getting treatment and recovering in India while enjoying its scenic beauty and learning about the culture of this country.

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Chris Gardner
Chris Gardner
07:50 03 Aug 17
I would recommend Dr. Kathuria's Dental Clinic to anyone living in, or visiting Delhi. Very good and professional customer service, very competent dentists and staff. Received zoom whitening and two large fillings from Dr Sween, very happy with the results.
Rinzin Tsomo
Rinzin Tsomo
10:00 15 Sep 17
The time I provided for the dental implants was not only restricted to a number of days but it was also confined to the needs of my travel schedules. Dr. Kathuria went out of his work schedule to help me! I was uncertain and stressed out about the whole procedure but Dr. Puneet Kathuria's reassurances saved me from the nightmarish thoughts of dental-work disasters. Two months post dental implants, I have not experienced a single problem with the implants. Today, I have found back the confidence to laugh. Thank you Dr. Kathuria! Jai Bharat! Jai Dr. Puneet Kathuria!
Moirangthem Lokendro Singh
Moirangthem Lokendro Singh
05:52 30 May 17
Facilities and Services available in this clinic are of highest standard. I am blessed with their lovely environment and nature of their treatment during my short duration. Doctors and Staff are friendly in nature and the level of hygienic is well satisfied. Now, I am happy with my teeth. Thank you so much..
Priya Thakur
Priya Thakur
06:05 09 Sep 17
Best Dental Clinic.. Great experience. Wonderful staff.. Great work..
shekhar bhatnagar
shekhar bhatnagar
07:14 18 Sep 17
Satisfied with the clinic ,staff and doctors.specially thanks to Dr. Sween & Dr. Puneet kathuria.
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