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Know 7 Secrets of a Healthy Mouth With DR. SWEEN KATHURIA
Know 7 secrets of a healthy mouth with Dr Sween Kathuria

Know 7 Secrets of a Healthy Mouth With DR. SWEEN KATHURIA

Smiling is a way to say that we are pleased with someone without a voice. However, a good smile comes from a good healthy pack of teeth. And a healthy pack of teeth is the most important element of our appearance. Our teeth play a very important role in our appearance towards other people. Know about the 7 basic secrets of a healthy mouth with Dr. SWEEN KATHURIA that can keep your teeth in perfect condition with minimal cost yet effective habits. 

1. See a dentist regularly.


Go to the dentist on a regular occasion up to the point where the dentist knows you and would like to be your friend. Try to visit your local dentist every 6-12 months for a routine check-up. They can also provide you with some guidelines, which are very helpful, cause sometimes there are things that you thought might be safe for your teeth that are actually not. A dentist knows about this, and you should always refer to him/ her. To get expert advice visit DR. SWEEN KATHURIA.

2. Brush your teeth twice a day. 


Regardless of the other one, you must make sure that you brush your teeth before going to bed. The reason is that when you’re sleeping, your saliva secretion will be paused. Less saliva means less enzymatic protection for your teeth from atmospheric bacteria. Though brushing will make your teeth dry, they provide a layer of dry, harsh surface for bacteria to adhere to. This will protect your teeth till you wake up the next morning.


For the other one time, suit yourself. Most people brush their teeth right after waking up, some after breakfast before going to work. It’s really up to you.

3. Flossing, Make flossing as a habit


Good oral hygiene requires at least 10 minutes of brushing and flossing each day. This is especially important after a meal. Flossing will remove the food debris stuck between your teeth. If you don’t floss, chances are you’re promoting an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Food wastes are very favorable for bacteria since they contain many nutrients. The newer toothbrushes replicate professional dental cleanings. They are far better than regular toothbrushes.


4. Clean Your Tongue


Your tongue is the most often forgotten place to get cleaned. Maintaining good tongue hygiene is very important for your healthy mouth because if you don’t keep your tongue feeling and looking nice and healthy, you can lose taste to your taste buds and also feeling. The tongue is also important for chewing, eating, and talking. Cleaning your tongue is effective for keeping good tongue hygiene and prevention.


5. Eat healthy food


Healthy food for your teeth can be anything that has the same impact on your general health.  Chewing gum is also good for your mouth muscles, but make sure you drink plenty of water because chewing gum reduces saliva secretion.


6. Teeth Whitening


If you whiten your teeth too often, the enamel of your teeth may get thinned out. Your teeth can even become translucent. Try to avoid overdoing teeth whitening.


7. Avoid sugary drinks


Avoid sugary drinks because they contain a lot of starch and sugars, which are bacteria’s favorite. This substance can be easily turned into acid by bacteria, making your teeth vulnerable to plaque. Try your best to minimize sweets, soda, or carbonated drinks. They are a good catalyst for your teeth corrosion as their contents of dangerous chemicals are too high.



Many community health care clinics and hospitals charge affordable rates and sliding scale fees for dental care. However, if you have an emergency and tooth pain, contact Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry their dentists may be able to see you without an appointment.


If you need a new dentist, visit Dr. Sween Kathuria and get the best and most qualified dentist in the world. 



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