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Invisalign: Only by Invisalign Certified Experts, New Delhi
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Invisalign: Only by Invisalign Certified Experts, New Delhi

In 1999, Align Technology brought a revolution in the world of cosmetic dentistry by introducing Invisalign braces. These invisible braces were designed for people who find it awkward to use metal braces. The product was already approved by the FDA in 1998 for marketing purposes. The reason behind its approval was that despite made of plastic the product was safe and effective. However, in the present time, a lot of non-certified companies are also designing Invisalign braces or clear aligners. Non-certified products do not guarantee the safety and effectiveness of treatment. Buying Invisalign braces from non-certified companies can cause more harm to your teeth and gums. Therefore, one should always make sure to buy Invisalign from certified companies.

In addition to this, Invisalign requires expertise that only a certified expert can exhibit. One should not depend on regular orthodontist to get Invisalign braces. It is because the Invisalign system is completely dependent on software for its proper function. This means that your orthodontist should have knowledge about the Invisalign system so as to prescribe your Invisalign treatment.

According to Align Technology (the parent company of Invisalign), the Invisalign system consists of virtual modeling software, rapid manufacturing processes and mass customization, and clear aligners. The Invisalign-trained orthodontists have education and tools to provide Invisalign treatment in their dental clinics.

The Invisalign aligners are made from polyurethane plastic. The polyurethane plastic makes the products almost invisible and clear. These virtually clear aligners or invisible braces are used to treat minor orthodontic issues like overbite, under-bite, cross-bite, open-bite, gap teeth and crowded teeth.

The virtually clear aligners in the Invisalign system have some major advantages over regular braces. Firstly, the aligners are nearly invisible thus giving you the confidence to smile. Secondly, clear braces are easily removable as they don’t have brackets like traditional braces. This means you can now maintain your oral hygiene without worrying. You can remove the aligners before eating or brushing your teeth. However, frequent removal of aligners may not treat your orthodontic problem more effectively. Therefore one needs to make sure that he/she wears the aligners for at least 22 hours a day. Thirdly, aligners ensure free movement of your teeth without any pain or irritation. In addition to this, the treatment lasts for 24 months. Your Invisalign-trained orthodontist may give you Invisalign trays for the next few months so as to reduce your dental visits.

Only your Invisalign-trained orthodontist or general practitioner dentist can give you correct information on using Invisalign braces. Therefore, ask your orthodontist if he/she is Invisalign-trained or not.

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