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International Sterilizations Standards

International Sterilizations Standards

American Dental Association (ADA)

We at Dr. Kathuria’s Multi speciality Dental Clinic follow at the disinfection and sterilization procedures needed for infection control. We follow four tier sterilization protocol for non-disposable instruments. The clinic, now has a tie up with university of Louisville (USA) for sterilization monitoring procedures has recommended by American Dental Association (ADA) and Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA).

Dabiatlante Autoclave 12X

Practicality and durability: Fully stainless steel (12LX) or carbon steel (12LX Blanche), offers long durability and constant temperature variation.

Security and reliability: Door lock system with high functionality and high resistance to pressure, within international standards, with sensors that ensure only the beginning of the cycle with the door fully locked.

Drying cycle with the door open: Regardless of the material to be packed or not.

System door seal silicone high performance: Resistant to temperature and pressure, with excellent flexibility to mold perfectly to the contact surface, preventing leaks.

Automatic safety valve: Prevents overpressure, preventing equipment damage, while the safety thermostat switches off the autoclave in case of overheating.

Sterilization cycle with preset standard: Makes the process simple and trusted to run from CD or the auxiliary.

Quality guaranteed sterilization by 3M: Equipment tested chemical and biological indicators, ensuring flawless performance.

Autoclave Sterilixation Pouch Bags

Applicable to various medical institutions, such as using for sterilized packaging of medical surgical scissors, tweezers and other equipment, and medical equipment manufacturers, such as using for disposable sterilized packaging of medical catheters, syringes, sterile dressings.

For: hospitals, outpatient sterilization packaging; beauty products sterilization packaging prior to use; laboratory supplies sterilization packaging; household high temperature sterilization packaging.

Gentinge SteamSterilization Integrator

Integrators provide immediate visual indication that critical parameters for sterilization have been met. Getinge integrators offer an accurate and easy-to-read method of monitoring sterilization process conditions.

Durr System-Hygiene ID213

ID 213 contains alkylamines, quaternary ammonium compounds, non-ionic surfactants, complexing and auxiliary agents in aqueous solution. It is an fully virucidal aldehyde-free concentrate for the disinfection and is used for cleaning of general, surgical and rotary dental instruments.

Durr FD 350 Disinfectant Wipes
  • Disinfection wipes with new improved formulation for wipe disinfection and cleaning of the surfaces of medical products.
  • Range of action: bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal 1), anti-viral 2) (covered viruses, incl. HBV, HCV and HIV) uncovered adeno viruses, uncovered polyoma viruses SV 40.
  • Modern combination of active ingredients: Alcohols. QAC
Codyson Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

The featuring item is a digital ultrasonic cleaner equipped with a lengthened tank and a radiator fan for cooling. The strong plastic housing provides protection to the cleaner. It is also built in with a strong transducer, wet-proof PCB, three separable wires, a heater and circuit protector.

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