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Here Is How You Can Fix Tooth Gap With The Most Trusted Cosmetic Dentist
Here is how you can fix tooth gap with the most trusted cosmetic dentist

Here Is How You Can Fix Tooth Gap With The Most Trusted Cosmetic Dentist

Teeth, if aligned symmetrically, help you smile happily with more confidence. However, if there are gaps between the teeth, smiling may even become embarrassing or awkward on certain occasions. This condition is referred to as Diastema and involves an uneven or extraordinary gap between adjoining teeth. Although it is a naturally occurring procedure, it can look unattractive to some and even cause serious oral issues. 

Fortunately, these gaps can be closed with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Various treatments help in the elimination of this unwanted space between the teeth, and Gap Closures are one of them. It is considered the best procedure and helps individuals get back the confidence to smile. 

If you feel self-conscious about your smile and are interested in knowing more about how to correct teeth gaps through gap closures, we’ve outlined a few ways to help you with the same. But before that, let’s understand what causes these uneven gaps between teeth. 

Several factors contribute to uneven spaces between the teeth. In our growth years, most of us go through a stage where we have ‘gappy teeth’ due to our habit of either chewing pen caps or sucking thumbs. Besides this, the genetic factor also plays a major role in creating uneven spaces between teeth. 

However, there are some other reasons as well why these uneven gaps remain or even occur in adulthood –

  • Teeth to jawbone ratio: If your teeth are smaller in relation to your jawbone, gaps are most likely to be developed as your mouth reaches its adult size. 
  • Gum disease: A symptom of gum disease, inflammation, causes damage to the bone supporting the teeth. Due to this reason, your teeth may tend to move, which causes gaps between them.
  • Teeth loss: Losing teeth due to aging and decay can leave unsightly gaps in your mouth.
  • Oversized labial frenum: Another reason for gaps can be due to the growth in the tissue that extends from the internal part to the gum above the front teeth.

How to Correct Teeth Gaps?

Due to the advances in medical care, cosmetic dentistry now involves various methods for treating and closing gaps in teeth. At Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry, we offer the best techniques to eliminate the space between your teeth and enhance the look of your smile. As the best cosmetic dentist for gap in teeth, we employ procedures that depend completely on the severity and condition of the case. Take a look at the available cosmetic dentistry options-

Composite Bonding

A simple and effective procedure, cosmetic bonding involves the use of tooth-colored filling materials to close gaps. As it requires menial tooth preparation, the process can be completed in a single visit. Although you can obtain excellent results with composite bonding, it stains in the future and is not considered a very durable option. 

Composite Veneers (Componeers) 

Another common technique for treating diastema, Composite veneers are used when your teeth are too small for your mouth. They are thin dental material coverings that are placed directly over a tooth and help hide imperfections. In addition to this, they are also made for covering a tooth and a gap. 

Porcelain Veneers/Crowns

Porcelain veneers are the most preferred treatment used worldwide to correct gaps between teeth. We make use of the E-max system from Ivoclar Vivadent (Germany) to offer the best treatment to our patients.  

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Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry takes immense pride in proffering a variety of options when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists execute quality treatments that suit the client’s needs and extend results that last long. Through our latest smile simulation software, we help our patients see their results even before the treatment starts. Connect with us to get your dental treatment started.

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