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Get Rid of Your Bad Breath – Follow These Tips by Dr Sween Kathuria
Get rid of your bad breath, follow these tips by dr sween kathuria

Get Rid of Your Bad Breath – Follow These Tips by Dr Sween Kathuria

Bad breath or halitosis is caused by bacteria that accumulate in the mouth. The foul odor coming from your mouth is caused by the breakdown of food particles in and around the teeth and on the surface of the tongue. Sometimes, even tooth decay and gum problems are among the common reasons for bad breath.


So, how can you get rid of your bad breath? Let’s check out some secrets and guided solutions by Dr Sween Kathuria to cure bad breath permanently.



Follow some tested techniques guided by Dr Sween Kathuria which will definitely help you to get rid of your foul breath


Develop a habit to brush your teeth regularly after meals


Brush your teeth three times a day. Brushing after every meal is one of the best tactics that has helped most people to cure their bad breath. If you really want to eliminate your stinky breath you should be brushing three times a day. Sadly, 90% of people worldwide only brush their teeth once or twice a day. Make it a habit and practice brushing your teeth regularly after every meal.


Checkout for Cavities in the teeth

Cavities in the teeth act as reservoir & food traps & the rotten food in these cavities are one of the obvious reasons for the bad breath. Best Clinic for teeth fillings like Dr.Kathuria’s Dentistry helps you to eradicate the cavities & hence curing bad breath.


Swollen Gums

Another important cause of halitosis is tarter deposit on teeth & gums leading to swollen gums & bad breath. The bad smell causing bacteria thrive in such areas. Regular dental cleaning professional scaling helps reduce gum swelling & associated symptoms.


Use Mouthwash


In the market, try to get some mouthwash that is antioxidant & alcohol-free. Alcohol-free mouthwashes are very strong disinfectants and antioxidant mouthwashes help heal the oral cavity and help you to freshen up your breath very easily and enhance your saliva secretion thereby the bacteria are easily drained down. So, it’s likely that you don’t brush and use mouthwash twice a day. If you don’t, you should, it’ll eliminate your stinky breath!


Blushing & Flossing


Take a fair amount of time in cleaning your gums and tongue which are core sources of food to get stuck and then decay and result in terrible breath. Flossing is very effective when it comes to removing your bad breath. Flossing flushes out the bacteria or fungus from the mouth thereby enabling a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. So everyday flossing will keep your bad breath away. Brushing twice a day is a total non-compromise. Night brushing is equally important, if not more, than day brushing.



Drink a lot of water for natural cure for your bad breath


Drink water, all the time! Even the cleanest mouthed people should be drinking water on a daily basis. It is also observed that drinking water helps to improve your digestive system which results in better stomach and cleaner breath. You need water as a part of a healthy lifestyle. And you should really drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day. Water flushes away the food particles from your mouth and helps keep you refreshed which in turn eliminates smelly breath.



Decrease your Tea and Alcohol intake


Tea, preferably milk tea may increase your bad breath odor. Alcohol and tea increase bad breath up to 40% due to sugar element and even increases risk of cavities. So, you must not prefer milk tea but black tea or green tea which will prove to be more effective in curing bad breath.


Reach out to the doctor


There you have it, the above solutions that if implemented will eliminate your bad breath. If you try the above solutions for the next 7 days and you still have bad breath, then you should seek help from the best dentist for gums treatment in Delhi as you could have a type of gum disease/cavities.


The best way to get rid of bad breath is to maintain good oral hygiene and to make it a point to visit your dentist regularly. If your smelly breath still persists even after trying the aforementioned remedies then it is best to see an expert dentist such as Dr. Sween Kathuria for consultation so that she can properly determine the cause of halitosis. Your dentist will be able to determine the best smelly breath cure for your ailment. So, if you are suffering from bad breath then don’t waste your time and reach out to Dr Sween Kathuria at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry Today!

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