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Feeling Discomfort in Your Tooth? Don’t Just Blame It on the Sugar!
Feeling discomfort in your tooth? Don't just blame it on the sugar!

Feeling Discomfort in Your Tooth? Don’t Just Blame It on the Sugar!

It is a fact that eating and drinking too many sugary substances can damage the teeth and make them prone to sensitivity or serious dental issues. Also, if you eat sugar on a limit but don’t practice regular oral hygiene, even then you are at risk of damaging your teeth and gums. Whether it’s a sharp, sudden, dull, or constant toothache, it is always hard to ignore.

Dr. Puneet Kathuria says that pain or discomfort in your tooth is a protective response from your body. Whether minor or severe, it occurs to let you know that something is wrong. Here are some reasons why you’re feeling discomfort/pain in your tooth.

1. Sensitive Teeth

One of the reasons for discomfort in your tooth can be sensitivity. The hard outer layer of the tooth, called enamel, protects the inside nerves. Over time the enamel can easily wear away, exposing the nerve endings. It makes the teeth sensitive, especially to cold & hot food and beverages.

2. Erupted or impacted wisdom teeth

The wisdom teeth emerge during the time of adulthood in the back of your mouth. The emergence of wisdom teeth can also be the reason for throbbing pain. Also, the impacted wisdom teeth may grow at the wrong angle, disturbing the nearby teeth and causing discomfort due to which you must need best dentist for tooth extraction in Delhi

3. Dental infection

Your teeth are very prone to bacterial infection if you don’t take care of them properly. The tooth or gum infection can cause a throbbing pain inducing swelling in the face or mouth. Dental infection generally occurs when the person doesn’t seek medical help for cavities or cracks in teeth.

The infection may grow or spread quickly, causing gum disease, plaque buildup, and further tooth decay. If you have a cavity and pain in your tooth, visit Dr. Puneet Kathuria immediately.

4. It might not even be your teeth

If a person doesn’t have any cavities, but the toothache persists, then sinusitis could be the culprit. Sinus infection is a less common but significant cause of tooth discomfort.

When to contact a Dentist?

People who believe that the discomfort in the tooth is due to some minor injury or due to eating too many sweets and don’t require to visit a dentist can invite serious dental issues. Also, there are some people who keep on waiting for their symptoms to improve

But it is highly advisable to immediately visit the dentist if you’re feeling discomfort or pain in your tooth. Visit an experienced dentist like Dr. Puneet Kathuria for prompt treatment. He is one of the best dentists in India, specializing in dental implants.

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