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How Digital Technology helps in Dental Treatment?
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How Digital Technology helps in Dental Treatment?

CommunicateDigital Dental Technology

  • An image that speaks a thousand words. Digital technology helps to improve the communication between a dentist and patient. Patients can see and know the actual scenario of the treatment. There will no longer be any need to convince him. The patient himself understands the actual status of his teeth and therefore is able to co-operate with the dentist easily. This saves a lot of the valuable time of the patient as well as the dentist.
  • By showing the area to be treated, you will be able to keep your patients informed and involved in oral health matters. The patient can be a true part of the entire treatment. In the traditional radiographic methods, the patient just needs to agree with the dentist even if he is not able to understand or is not happy with the steps. But with the help of digital technology, he understands what you are doing and why you are doing it. This also provides immense relief to the patients and help in improving the speed of the treatment. The best part is that because of the digital radiography, fewer appointments for the dental treatments are now required.
  • Through improved and more frequent communication, you will form a confident and close relationship with your patients.


  • A patient is always reluctant to pay for what he cannot see. If he cannot see the actual problem going on in his mouth, he won’t be able to value the treatment and proceed with it.
  • Create a surprise effect: the intra-oral camera adds an amusing and new aspect to the treatment session. This diverts the patient’s mind from the pain related during the dental treatment and he can have a change while watching the progression of his dental treatment on the screen associated with the digital radiography.
  • Motivation for all types of treatment (prophylaxis, restoration, esthetics).

Develop Loyalty

  • Dentists know and understand that patients who are motivated with their dental health and treatments usually become the most loyal patients of every dentist.
  • Valorization of the practice image.
  • Studies done in the United States1 have shown that income from cosmetic and prosthetic treatments increases by 35 to 40% in practices which use an intra-oral camera.

Digital X-Rays

Digital RVG X-rays
The radiation exposure of the patients is reduced to a great extent with the help of the digital technology. So, you can see that with the help of the digital radiography, you can ensure that you do not get unwanted radiation exposure at the time when the radiograph is taken.

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