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Dental Implant vs Crown – Know the Difference
Dental implant vs crown: know the difference

Dental Implant vs Crown – Know the Difference

We all know that teeth are very important in our life. We can’t chew food without teeth and that affects our digestive system. If your teeth are broken and damaged, then the dentist will suggest you to go with the dental crown procedure. With the latest growing medical services let’s discover two best dentistry (Dental Implant vs Dental crowns) and which can be best suitable for you according to the best cosmetic dental clinic in india & Best dental implants specialists in India?



What Is a Dental Implant?


An implant is basically an artificial tooth root that is placed in your mouth. It is made of titanium and bone-like ceramic material. This pin is placed into your jawbone in most cases. Your dentist will work to make sure that the bone you have in that area is high enough and strong enough to support the implant. If there is a question about that, the top dental implants surgeon in India will work to build up the jawbone before you get your implant.


Advantages of an Implant

There are many advantages to having an implant, as opposed to other options. Here are some of the benefits of implants:

  • You are able to clean an implant just as you do your other teeth. These are fixed fixtures in your mouth, so don’t have to take them in and out for cleaning or soaking.
  • An implant will not shift or slip like dentures may. This will give you the same security and stability as you have with your natural teeth.
  • It also helps to maintain your jawbone and the shape of your face.
  • An implant doesn’t rely on the teeth next to it to keep it in place, like a bridge would.
  • This option is also very cosmetically pleasing. They look much better than an open space and will allow you to eat, speak, and smile with ease.


Is an Implant a Good Option for You?

If you have healthy gums, enough jawbone to support an implant, and are in good overall health, you could be an ideal candidate to have an implant. The best cosmetic dentist in Delhi & dental implants surgeon in India will be able to help you identify any issues.



Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns are used to maintain the anatomy, shape & strength of teeth. It is just a tooth shaped cap that sits on the tooth to bring back its shape, size, power and improve its appearance. Crowns are molded inside a dental laboratory. Crowns are cemented over existing teeth and it can be removed by a dentist only.


To protect a weak tooth from damage, to restore an already broken tooth, to support the dental bridge in place, to cover discolored teeth and to make your smile perfect in short cosmetic modification are some reasons why the best cosmetic dentists in India advise you to go for the dental crowns.




With the help of a crown people can improve the shape, position, color and the size of the tooth. Ceramic or Porcelain gives a more natural appearance of the teeth. Zirconium Oxide is the newest of the breed of dental materials used for Crowns/ Bridges

Crowns are comparatively more long-lasting than any other dental restoration alternative like fillings / bondings.


Which is the best suited?

Generally, implants are accepted as a better choice than crowns if you have the finances to afford them. In the Bridgework we need to shape adjacent healthy teeth to replace the missing tooth. Maintaining natural teeth with Implants is always preferred option than a bridge. However, for the best result you must reach out to the best cosmetic dental surgeon and dental implants specialist in India.  Dental implants are definitely known as the transformation of cosmetic dentistry as it improves the beautification aspects of the mouth. Dr. Puneet Kathuria from Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry has experience of 23+ years & expertise that does dental implants with the latest equipment and processes which last for long term sustainable treatment for fixed teeth and Crowns/Bridges to provide best support to your teeth and gums. So, to regain your natural tooth and smile just like before, call us today!

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