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Dental Crown Infections: Causes & Remedies Explained
Dental crown infection treatment in India

Dental Crown Infections: Causes & Remedies Explained

Visiting the dentist is not a very enjoyable trip for many, especially when the chances of enduring pain are high. However, if you are suffering from a toothache, no one can help you better than a dentist in freeing you from that throbbing pain. Oral pain caused due to cavities, inflamed nerves, or fractured teeth, can result in severe problems and even affect your eating habits. 

Thankfully, a filling or crown may frequently address these problems, but scheduling that dentist appointment is the essential first step. You might think that once a crown is in place, your tooth is shielded from future troubles, right?

While that sounds perfect, you can still experience pain from that tooth unless you’ve had a root canal performed underneath it. This pain commonly comes from a dental crown infection, and addressing it will mean another trip to the dentist to finally get some relief.

Causes: How Does a Dental Crown Become Infected?

In order to address the pain and stop it from growing worse, it is essential to understand the causes of a dental crown infection. Following are the potential causes you must know about to curb this infection as soon as possible:

  • Dental Decay Under the Crown

When you visit a dentist without proper research, there is a high chance that you have chosen the wrong clinic. In many cases, dentists from such clinics may not perfectly seal the crowns in your mouth during the procedure. This can create tiny gaps between the crown and your natural tooth, allowing bacteria to gather and form cavities. Over time, these cavities can progress into your tooth’s inner nerve tissue, resulting in an infection beneath the crown itself.

  • Irritated or Injured Nerves

Unless you’ve undergone a root canal procedure on the affected tooth, there are still nerves extending from your gums into the tooth’s root. Crowns can sometimes exert pressure on these nerves, causing irritation and inflammation. These conditions pave the way for painful infections to develop.

Dental Crown Infection Treatment in India

So, you’ve received the diagnosis of an infection. What’s the next step? Take a deep breath—there’s no need to panic, especially if the issue was caught early on. In most cases, once other potential factors like teeth grinding, misalignment, and resizing are ruled out, your dentist will pinpoint the true cause of the infection. Typically, the go-to solution for the root issue is a root canal procedure.

When looking for dental crown infection treatment in India, there are two main approaches. Ordinarily, the existing crown will be removed, trusting a dentist like Dr. Sween Kathuria and granting her access to the affected tooth and the surrounding gum area required for the procedure. While this means a new crown will be necessary post-root canal, the procedure itself is designed to relieve pressure and completely eliminate the chance of nerve inflammation.

However, it’s worth noting that crowns can be costly and can’t be reused once taken off. Hence, some dentists might consider an alternative. They could explore the option of creating a small hole in the existing crown and performing the root canal through that opening. This method isn’t universally applicable, but if you’re intrigued by this approach, feel free to discuss it with Dr. Sween Kathuria. If it’s not suitable for your situation, she will explain why and proceed with the more common method.

In either case, you might require antibiotics to combat the infection. Nonetheless, root canal procedures should prevent future dental crown infections and offer quick relief from your discomfort.

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