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Debunking 7 Myths About Invisalign
Debunking 7 Myths About Invisalign

Debunking 7 Myths About Invisalign

Gone are the days when traditional braces were only the orthodontic treatment option available to people who wanted a perfect smile. Nowadays, different types of options are available for teeth alignment, one of which is Invisalign. Clear aligners or Invisalign aligners are a great option for people who wish for properly aligned teeth but don’t want metal braces in their mouth. However, they have been used for a while; many myths surround them. So, if you’re going for Invisalign aligners, let’s debunk several myths and discover the truth. 

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  • Invisalign Aligners Is Only for Minor Orthodontic Problems

Contrary to popular opinion, Invisalign Aligners can treat various orthodontic problems, such as crowding, spacing, overbites, underbites, and cross-bites. Your teeth are precisely fitted with Invisalign aligners, which progressively shift your teeth into the proper position. Although Invisalign can often take longer than traditional braces to produce the intended results, it can still be a successful orthodontic treatment option.

  • They’re More Expensive to Use

Nowadays, Invisalign Aligners are more widely accepted as a valid kind of treatment. Many think using clear trays or aligners will cost more money. However, this is untrue. In general, the cost is equivalent to braces. They might also cost less because they don’t need to be adjusted or fit-checked at the orthodontist’s office as frequently. 

  • You Cannot Consume Everything

This is very untrue that you hear that after going for an Invisalign, you’re not allowed to eat whatever you want to. The reality is that wearers of Invisalign are free to eat anything they want, whenever they want. This orthodontic procedure won’t restrict your diet because it employs removable aligners rather than metal brackets and wires. You can have pizza, pasta, apples, and various other food items that you enjoy. 

  • Invisalign Aligners Are Uncomfortable to Wear

The comfort of wearing Invisalign aligners is unmatched as it consists of a smooth, pleasant plastic material and is manufactured specifically to suit your teeth. When you start wearing a new aligner, you can feel some pressure or discomfort, but this usually goes away after a few days. For many individuals, Invisalign aligners are a more comfortable alternative to braces because they don’t contain any metal brackets or wires that could irritate their mouths.

  • Invisalign Aligners Can Harm Your Teeth

Invisalign aligners are created to be secure and efficient for people of all age groups. As mentioned above, Invisalign aligners are manufactured from a smooth, clear plastic material that is gentle on your teeth and gums, unlike traditional braces, which employ metal brackets and wires that can harm teeth and gums. Additionally, Invisalign aligners are created specifically for your teeth, minimising any potential discomfort or damage.

  • Invisalign Gets Stained and Become Visible

Yes, Invisalign gets stained, and this can only happen when you do not care for them. If you think that after some period of time, Invisalign can stain and become visible on its own, then it is not true. However, you can follow important guidelines such as when you eat, you can remove your Invisalign, or you must deep clean it. 

  • Invisalign Is Noticeable And Unattractive

Another myth surrounding it is that Invisalign aligners are noticeable and can affect your overall appearance. Well, to be honest, this is not true. Since Invisalign aligners are made of thin and clear plastics that make them virtually invisible when worn. As a result, it blends with your natural teeth colour. 

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Undoubtedly, Invisalign Aligner is one of the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective orthodontic treatment options. Contrary to certain widespread beliefs, Invisalign is not just for minor orthodontic issues; it is far less expensive than traditional braces and comfortable to wear. So, if you want to get Invisalign successfully, consult Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry today. We have the best dental implant surgeon in Delhi, professionally trained orthodontics, cosmetic surgeon, and many more. Give us a call or email us; we are just a click away. 

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