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All You Need To Know About A Crossbite
ll You Need To Know About A Crossbite

All You Need To Know About A Crossbite

Are you experiencing tooth misappropriation? If yes, it may be a crossbite. Crossbite is sometimes referred to as an underbite which is a form of malocclusion or a bad bite. This condition results in the overlapping of teeth improperly in rows which might make you face difficulties in eating. In addition to this, Crossbite can also make you self-conscious about your smile.

This guide will help you understand what causes crossbites, the types of crossbites, and the options to treat them. Also, you can consult with Dr. Sween Kathuria to achieve a great smile and a proper bite. 

What Causes Crossbite?

Crossbites can occur for a variety of different reasons, but they often have one of two main causes: either a genetic problem or a developmental condition.

Crossbites may have a hereditary condition in the event that it is genetic in nature. Their family line can pass down the jaw anatomy and corresponding tooth alignment. Therefore, the likelihood that a kid may inherit the same malocclusion increases if a parent or other family member has a crossbite. Although no preventive steps are available in this case to ensure that the child does not inherit the same issue, noticing it early can benefit the child’s later developmental years.

Different acts can result in the formation of a crossbite in cases where it results from developmental factors. These behaviours include mouth breathing, thumb sucking, tongue pushing baby teeth falling out sooner than usual, and many more. It is advised to consult the best dentist who can assist you in preventing such dental issues. 

Types Of Crossbite:

  • Anterior Crossbites:  When the front bottom teeth protrude further than the front top teeth, this condition is known as an anterior crossbite. Although severe crossbites in adults can be managed with orthodontic treatment, for best results, some crossbites necessitate a combination of orthodontic treatment and surgery to move the lower jaw.
  • Posterior Crossbites: A posterior crossbite is when the bottom back teeth, usually the premolars and molars, protrude outward more than the top teeth at the bottom. One side of the mouth may experience a crossbite or both sides.

Options For Crossbites Treatment

Crossbites can happen to kids, teens, and adults alike. You have a few trustworthy and efficient treatment choices for your Crossbite. These consist of:

  • Tooth Extraction: Tooth extraction is an option if only one tooth is out of place owing to crowding. The use of anaesthesia helps ease the discomfort of the procedure.
  • Braces: This problem can be corrected using braces. Even though braces usually take time to work, they have a positive track record. 

With all of this extensive information regarding crossbites, treating them under a skilled dental practitioner’s guidance should be much simpler and more convenient. If you’re experiencing Crossbite, schedule an appointment immediately with Dr Kathuria’s Dentistry. Whether you’re wondering “How to correct a Gummy smile” or want shining and beautiful teeth, we are here to help. 


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