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What are the Benefits of Root Canal Treatment?

What are the Benefits of Root Canal Treatment?

Have you ever had to deal with a toothache for a night? Prolonged toothaches and tooth decay are some of the oral conditions various people go through and can be immensely painful. 

An endodontic therapy, Root Canal Treatment, is a common dental procedure used by a root canal specialist in Delhi for such conditions. So, if you are wondering what the treatment is about, below are some of the benefits of root canal treatment to help you with the same. Read along- 


  • Prevents loss of tooth

A decayed tooth or one with a cavity can be dealt with in various ways. Some patients prefer getting the tooth extracted that eliminates the tooth itself. Not only does it serve as a permanent solution but prevents further toothaches or cavities. 

However, tooth extraction leaves gaps between teeth that may cause potential problems. With a root canal treatment, you would not have to worry about losing your teeth, which will also help in preserving the natural arrangement of your teeth.


  • Prevents Infection of Neighbouring Teeth

The primary cause of decay in the tooth cavity is often pulp infection.This infection takes place due to the accumulation of the bacteria in this area. The infected pulp harbours such bacteria, which may spread to the neighbouring teeth if not paid attention to.

Therefore, a root canal treatment is essential in removing the infected pulp, thereby preventing the growth and spread of bacteria.


  • Improves Aesthetics of the Teeth

Root canal treatment involves removing the infected pulp. The process is performed by a root canal treatment specialist in South Delhi.. After the removal of infected pulp, the affected area is cleaned, and the cavity is filled up with a polymer material or fitting the tooth with a crown. 

Placement of crowns assists in restoring the visual appeal of your teeth. Not only do they restore the functionality but also the aesthetics of your teeth whenever they are used in a root canal. 


  • Prevents Degeneration of Jawbone

Unlike tooth extraction, a root canal treatment leaves your infected tooth intact. The procedure provides a solution to having the tooth extracted. With missing teeth, the jawbone is able to degenerate over time because of exposure to bacteria and other elements.

Therefore, a root canal treatment is helpful in preventing complications of the jawbone in the future.


  • Boost oral and Overall Health

Extreme tooth decay and long-lasting toothaches are some of the common dental conditions that persist among individuals. Not only do they cause pain, but in extreme cases lead to tooth loss.

In such a situation, a root canal treatment helps in keeping your teeth in a good condition and prevents tooth extraction. A root canal helps in maintaining good oral health and also boosts overall health by preventing conditions linked with poor oral health. These conditions include heart disease, diabetes, respiratory infections and gastrointestinal infections. 



A virtually painless procedure, a root canal is an apt treatment that addresses cavities and tooth decay. 

Other benefits, as stated above, include prevention of jawbone degeneration and infection to adjacent teeth, improving the visual appeal of teeth and boosting oral and overall health. 

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