With Pentamix 2 Automatic Mixing Unit, Mixing by hand is a thing of the past. Suitable for polyether and VPS Impression Materials, you can do your Impression work much better, faster and even more economically.

Comfort of Automatic Mixing
A study investigated operators preference for different mixing techniques. All users from dental students to experienced dentists prefered automated mixing with the Pentamix 2 over handmixing.
Dis-Advantages of Mixing by Hand :-

  • Overall timeconsuming procedure.
  • Air Bubbles and uncomplete mix of base and catalyst leading to more unpredictable impressions.
  • More material tha needed is mixed.
  • Messy handling.

Benefits :-

  • Time-Saving: Simply add your impression materials to the device and push a button.
  • Reliable: Benefit from homogeneous and voidfree mixtures of consistent quality.
  • Economical: Dispense only the amount of material you need and reduce waste.
  • Hygienic: Reduce the risk of cross contamination by direct filling of tray and syringe.
  • Patients are not exposed to unnecessary health risks.