All You Need To Know About Gummy Smile Treatment in Delhi

Is the gum tissue above your top teeth significantly visible when you smile? Do you find this characteristic bothersome and feel self-conscious about smiling as a result? Don’t fret! You are not alone. Various people hide their smiles due to this condition, also known as a gummy smile. If you are in a similar situation and looking at how to correct a gummy smile, then this blog can be of huge help. Read more to find out about what a gummy smile is, its causes, and the treatment options available. 

What Is a Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile, also referred to as Excessive Gingival Display, occurs when a larger than a proportionate part of your gum tissue can be seen when you smile. Although a gummy smile can be recognized visually, it is also determined as occurring when the portion of gum tissue exposed is more than 4 millimeters. 

Causes of Gummy Smile

A gummy smile can be caused by various reasons as mentioned below-

  • Abnormal eruption of your permanent teeth can lead to a gummy smile. At times, your teeth might have their proper length but appear short as they have not erupted properly.
  • Hyperactive movement of the muscle that controls your upper lip movement. This hyperactive movement causes your upper lip to rise more than usual, exposing more gum tissue when you smile. However, it stays normal in length when your face is in a resting position.
  • The growth and development of the upper bone jaw also contribute to a gummy smile.
  • Due to genetics, you may have small teeth compared to the gums, leading to a gummy smile.
  • A gingival disease can lead to long or enlarged gums. 

Options for Gummy Smile Treatment in Delhi

After the dentist runs a few tests and x-rays to determine the cause of your gummy smile, which can even be multiple, they advise the type of treatment suitable to correct the amount of gum exposed when you smile. All the gummy smile treatments in Delhi vary in cost, complexity, longevity of results and possible risks. 

The most common gummy smile treatments include-

Orthodontic treatment- If the causes behind your gummy smile are the same as mentioned above, where teeth have erupted too far, braces are used to push teeth back to their normal placement. After the teeth and gums move to their optimal position, cosmetic dental treatments are used to restore your tooth structure so that the bite matches between the teeth located at the top and bottom. 

Gingivectomy- If your gummy smile is caused by overgrown gums, gingivectomy is the best option. Also referred to as a gum lift, a gingivectomy is a one-appointment treatment with a periodontist and involves the use of a laser to reshape and remove the excess gum tissue. The procedure effectively shortens the gum’s height and creates more symmetry to the gum line by revealing more of the tooth, improving the appearance of your smile.

Professional teeth cleaning– Your gums can also swell because of gum disease or some medications. This swelling of your gums can be treated by professionally cleaning the teeth and root surfaces. 

Jaw Surgery- Orthognathic surgery is a bone shortening procedure used in cases where the jaw is severely too large. It is performed by a specialist orthodontist and involves surgically moving the entire jaw upwards.

Lip Surgery- If you have a hyperactive or hypermobile lip, it can be successfully treated with a permanent surgery that helps restrict the motion of the upper lip. If your lip is too short, another surgery can be performed. This surgical procedure is more complicated than restricting the lip as the movement of scar tissue, and smiling can counteract the lengthening.


Hopefully, the information provided above will help you make the right decision regarding your gummy smile. And, since getting the type of smile you want is as simple as a visit to your dentist, what keeps you waiting? If you require gummy smile treatment in Delhi, connect with Dr Kathuria’s dentistry. As a leading clinic for cosmetic dental procedures, we offer top-quality services to help our clients get the smile they deserve. Call now at our all India toll-free number, 1800-11-7272, book an appointment with us today.