Nervous About Dental Implants? Reach Dr. Puneet Kathuria for Incredible Dental Implant Treatment

Dental Implants are an ideal solution when it comes to stimulating the appearance, feel and functioning of natural teeth. Over the years, Dental Implants have gained a popular reputation for their longevity and life-like appearance. These implants do much more than just replace the missing teeth. They assist in maintaining and strengthening the bone structure and provide the ability to chew healthy food. Dental Implants also give patients the confidence to smile. In addition to all this, dental implants are also helpful in preserving bone structure. Once a person loses their tooth/teeth, many unnoticeable changes start to take place. These changes are unnoticeable at first but cause permanent damage to the facial structure in the long run. This poses a significant negative effect on both the health and appearance of your jaw. Dental implants help in averting all such circumstances. They help in providing longevity to the jawbone.

Most people think that Dental Implant treatment is a painful treatment and are quite nervous about the same. But let us assure you that with trained hands, the success rate of dental implant treatment is tremendously high. Dr. Puneet Kathuria is running one of the leading dental implant and cosmetic dentistry clinics in India offering the best possible care to patients who are looking for dental implant treatment. If you are someone who has recently lost their tooth or teeth and are looking for a reliable treatment option, Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry is the perfect destination for you. There is absolutely nothing to be nervous about as here, you will get personalised care as per your treatment. Have a look at why you don’t have to worry about the treatment at Dr. Kathuria’s dentistry:


Planned with Precision 


In comparison to other dental treatments, dental implant surgery is a relatively minor procedure as all the placement details are mapped beforehand. If there are any complexities, an X-Ray or CT imaging can be needed so that the procedure can be carried out more precisely.


Performed with Local Anaesthesia 


Implantation is way easier than a tooth extraction. If the patient is healthy enough for the procedure, they will have absolutely no problem undergoing the surgery. With just a local anaesthetic, the implant site is first numbed down while the surrounding tissues remain conscious.


Minimal to Zero Discomfort Afterwards 


At Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry, there is the implementation of pre-planned surgical guides. In addition to this, there are also advanced implantation techniques that cause very little tissue disruption. The incised tissues are usually stitched with the help of self-absorbing sutures.

The implant site heals rapidly and predictably with a 96-98% success rate. Once the bone integration is complete, a permanent crown is attached to the implant site and your confident smile is back again! With Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry, there is absolutely no reason to be frightened of Dental implant surgery. Maintain your dental health and restore your confident smile with incredible dental implant surgery from Dr. Puneet Kathuria. Call now at our all India toll-free number, 1800-11-7272, to book your appointment for dental implant surgery today!