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call +91 - 98110-26060, 98117-76073
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Budget Hotels


HOTEL VELVET APPLE (10 min drive)
E-82, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi-110048
Phone: 011 42835838.
Approx Rs.2800 Including taxes, breakfast, wifi,


HOTEL RANI CASTLE (10 min drive)
Near Jammu & Kashmir Bank, Greater Kailash I ,
New Delhi 110048
Phone: 011 2923 0125.
Approx Rs.2800 Including taxes, breakfast, wifi,


HOTELBMK (10 min drive)
B-3, Greater Kailash Enclave-1, New delhi-110048
Approx Rs.2500 Including breakfast and wifi,


A-20 Kailash Colony, New Delhi-110048
Phone: 011 46528901- 06.
Approx Rs.2500 Including breakfast and taxes


5.STAR GRAND VILLA (5 min walk)
E-8, East Of Kailash, Near Lady Shriam College New Delhi-65.
Ph: 095 60 903336,
Approx Rs.3000 including taxes, breakfast

HOTEL CABANA (10 min drive)
R23, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi, Delhi, 110048
Phone: 011 40747400,
approx Rs.2800 including taxes, breakfast and wifi

HOTEL GRAND VIKALP(10 min drive)
C-48A, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi-110048
Approx Rs.3000 including taxes and breakfast

HOTEL LE CADRE  ( 5min walk)
E-23, , East of Kailash  New Delhi.
011 4222 2222
approx Rs.3000 plus taxes

HOTEL JHT ( 10  in drive)
S-21, Hans Raj Gupta Marg, Greater Kailash I  New Delhi.
Ph. 011 4538 4538
Approx Rs.3200 including taxes

INDUS BIZNOTEL ( 10 min drive)
R-71 Greater Kailash-1
New Delhi-110048, Ph:011 40267700/99
Approx Rs.3,850 including taxes

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